Frances Agnesti


STR : 2
DEX : 2
CON : 3
INT : 1
PER : 2
WIL : 2

Life Points : 42
Endurance Points : 25
Essence : 10

Acute Hearing : +3 to hearing-based rolls.
Nerves of Steel : Allows you to resist supernatural dread and sometimes to see through illusions trying to terrify you. You never freeze up even when your life is on the line.

Athletics 3
Brawling 2
Dodge 2
First Aid 1
Notice 2
Play Instrument (Bagpipes) 2
Ranged Weapon (Crossbow) 2
Survival 1


Change 1

Body 4


Stoneskin [Change Body, +7]
This spell turns the caster's skin to stone, granting defense bonuses and allowing unarmed attacks to be conducted without fear of harm.

Arm Stretch [Change Body, +7]
This spell allows one or both of the caster's arms to stretch unnaturally. Potentially it could be used for a particularly long-ranged punch, or quickly climbing up a roof.


Frances may, on first look, charitably be described as 'pudgy'. Fools that do so within earshot (and she's got very good ears) quickly realize that what they thought was flab is actually muscle, and quickly change their tune to 'healthy' lest they are introduced to the wonders of joint dislocation. Hailing from the border realms of the Northwest, Frances shows the common curly light brown hair and freckles of the region, framing a face that has been through some rough treatment. Bordersmen live a tough life, clearing out their frontier homelands from the ever present threat of gnolls, giants and worse, and their children soon learn the ins and outs of staying alive. The gift of magic is rare, but not completely unheard of among them, and young Ms. Agnesti is the first of her family to present it. Her father, a watch captain, happily sent her to the academy, glad that his only daughter could have a chance of living away from the frontier, but Frances wants to go back once her schooling is done and show the marauders what a little magic can do.

And if that fails, there's always joint dislocation.

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