Name: Freedonia
Alignment: Neutral


Freedonian Provinces

Province Ruler Law Temple Guild Source
Milfynn(4/3) Morrigan 4(Ul) 3(Mo) 4(FJ) 0(Le)
Mythelwyd(0/5) Morrigan 0(Ul) 0(Mo) 0(FJ) 5(Le)
Liberationville(4/3) Uldin 2(Ul) 1(Mo) 3(FJ) 2(Le)
1(AB) 0(ND)
Ruapacht(4/5) Morrigan 3(Ul) None 1(FJ) 1(Le)

Other Provinces

Province Ruler Law Temple Guild Source
Treumar(4/5) Belinda Ehrsdottal 4(BE) 1(TC) 0(Le) 5(TC)
Massenhode(2/7) The Swordhawk 0(SW) ?(TC) 2(Fz) None
Ebbingtruch(3/6) The Swordhawk 1(SW) 2(TC) None None
0(Ul) 1(FJ) 0(Le)
Boerenbach(2/7) Alaric I 1(Al) 2(HW) 2(FB) None
Landsborough(3/6) The Vampire 3(Va) 3(AN) 1(Va) 0(Le)

Ul = Uldin
Mo = Morrigan
Le = Leon
FJ = Feridun Jadugar
BE = Belinda Ehrsdottal
TC = Treucht Chauchen(Church of Treucht)
SW = Swordhawk
Fz = Fazouk Zuarim
Va = The Vampire
Kr = Temple of the White Hand of Kriestal(Kriesha)
Al = Alaric the First
HW = Haelyn's Warriors
FB = Frodrik Foresstannen
ND = Nature's Domain
AB = Anime Brotherhood
AN = Black Church of Alenecht(Belinik)


Level 6 Cleric of Cuiraécen, blood of Anduiras
Maintenance: 1GB for three holdings(2 provinces + 1 temple), 7GB for the army. Total of 8 GB
Coffers: 0 GB
Regency Points(Pooled/Income): 2/13

Feridun Jadugar
Level 5 Magician, blood of Vorynn
Maintenance: 1GB for three holdings(2 guilds + 1 temple). Total of 1GB
Coffers: 7 GB
Regency Points(Pooled/Income): 6/12

Level 6 Fighter, blood of Brenna
Maintenance: 1GB for 3 holdings(1 province + 2 law). Total of 1GB
Coffers: 0 GB
Regency Points(Pooled/Income): 17/12

Level 5 Wizard, blood of Brenna
Maintenance: None
Coffers: 5 GB
Regency Points(Pooled/Income): 17/9



Bordering Lake Treucht, Milfynn was the first province taken over by the refugees and rebels from Massenmarch, as they initially didn't want to approach the Vampire's borders too closely. It's the most habitable of the two provinces, as its center is mostly light forest and grassy hills. The main settlement of Milfynn is known as Pike Field, and the hills are covered in small towns and villages surrounded by wooden palisades. Outside of Rohrmarch, it's the region's largest center of Cuiraécen worship.

The law is a well-organized group of riders who chase down miscreants and make sure people pay their taxes, they're hardened and trained by kicking bandits off the edges of the province.

The local temple to Cuircaécen is an impressive stone edifice decorated with large statues

The guilds are a combination of mining, smuggling and farming groups, largely involved in trade with Massenmarch and Treucht.

Milfynn is the administrative capital of Freedonia, and contains the manor from which Morrigan, Leon, Uldin and Feridun keep a watchful eye on their holdings.

The northern passes of Milfynn are kept watch over by well-built wooden guard towers. A road connects Milfynn and Mythelwyd.

Tax income
Light Taxes: d4
Moderate Taxes: d4+1
Severe Taxes: d6+1

Guild Income: d6
Temple Income: d4
Loyalty: High!

Trade Income: +4GB, Milfynn-Liberationville(Feridun)

Terrain Type, Medium Mountain. Max Province Level: 5, Magical Potential: 7


Mythelwyd was once a swamp, but is now a frozen waste year round. Even at the height of summer, a tall, icy spire rises from its center and dominates the view west from Milfynn. A lonesome road skirts the edge of it, leading from Milfynn to Liberationville. The few people who eke out a living here mostly hunt the strange wildlife that's started appearing since Leon turned the place into his personal source of magical power. Those that enter the central parts of the province without Leon's permission are often hunted by the province's prolific population of Wisps.

A road connects Milfynn and Mythelwyd.

Tax income
Light Taxes: None
Moderate Taxes: None
Severe Taxes: d3-2

Guild Income: None
Temple Income: None
Loyalty: High!

Terrain Type, Swamp. Max Province Level: 6, Magical Potential: 5


Much of Liberationville has been explored by now, and the locals no longer fear to tread in the shade of the vast trees. The highly organized militias keep the roaming undead far away from settlements and Feridun's guilds have a tight grasp on the local economy. Even the elves mostly seem to have given up hope of reconquering their abandoned cities in the province. The local goblins are well-integrated into the province, heavily employed by the local Law holdings in particular. There are rumblings of fear, however, as Liberationville is the front line in the (currently cold) war against the Vampire…

The law consists mostly of a goblin militia.

The local guilds are unionized lumberjacks, furriers, trappers and organized groups of adventurers scouring the province for elven artifacts.

A strange new religion has caught the people's interest… it seems to consist of Khinasi teachings.

The local Source is at the spire of the Sayer's old tower, it glows with an eldritch light that's visible from miles away at night.

Tax income
Light Taxes: d4
Moderate Taxes: d4+1
Severe Taxes: d6+1

Guild Income: d4
Temple Income: d2
Loyalty: High!

Terrain Type, Ancient Forest(Being chopped down). Max Province Level: 7, Magical Potential: 7


West of Mythelwyd and Liberationville, Ruapacht is the most recent addition to Freedonia. It mostly consists of swamps and light woods, and the northern foothills of the Vicissitudes mountains.

Tax income
Light Taxes: d4
Moderate Taxes: d4+1
Severe Taxes: d6+1

Guild Income(FJ): d2
Loyalty: Average


East of Milfynn.

The capital province of Treucht, it is ruled by a female Ranger(Belinda Ehrsdottal), but the real power behind the throne is the Church of Treucht, run by Belinda's mother, a powerful mage and priestess who controls the land's religion and sources. Rumour has it that she is furiously researching elven realm magic. Most industry has been outlawed in Treucht, and it is unlikely that the rulers will look kindly upon Leon's Guilds when they discover it.

Like the rest of Treucht's provinces, Treumar is relatively lightly populated and heavily forested.

Taxes: ????

Guild Income: None
Temple Income: ???
Loyalty: ???


North of Mythelwyd.

One of Massenmarch's southern provinces, separated from Freedonia by a high and cold mountain range with few passes. Massenhode nonetheless has quite active industry run by Fazouk Zuarim, the Swordhawk's lone lieutenant. It has also been infiltrated by the Church of Treucht. In the high mountains and valleys, the Swordhawk has few permanently placed thugs, but the place stays under his leadership due to the threat of his army coming in to crush any attempt at dissent.

Tax income
Light Taxes: d3-1
Moderate Taxes: d3
Severe Taxes: d4

Guild Income(Fz): d2-1
Temple Income: ???
Loyalty: Poor


North of Milfynn.

Ebbingtreuch is the most densely populated of the Swordhawk's two southernmost provinces, and hence also the more strongly policed. Most of the industry that exists there, exists to serve the locals, and Fazouk has yet to establish any businesses or trading guilds. Like Massenhode, it has been infiltrated by the Church of Treucht, but unlike Massenhode there's also a well-established cult to Eloéle making everyone miserable as they harass the local law from the shadows. The Swordhawk keeps a unit of pikemen stationed in Ebbingtruch.

Tax income
Light Taxes: d3
Moderate Taxes: d4
Severe Taxes: d4+1

Guild Income: None
Temple Income(TC): d3
Temple Income(FJ): d2-1
Loyalty: Average


Southwest of Liberationville, Boerenbach is part of the area ruled by Alaric the First, essentially leading a rebel movement against the rightful heir, Prince Oden, as he suspects he's being puppeteered by powerful nobles. The land is densely forested and on the frontiers of civilization, surviving mostly by selling food to the Vampire's Hold and lumber to anyone with gold to spare. While Stormlord Seerbrand(Cuiraécen) is the major faith in Prince Oden's territories, Haelyn's Warriors(Haelyn) is the main church in Boerenbach and the remainder of Alaric's holdings.

The Boar of Thuringode forest and the mysterious Awnshegh beast known as Apocalypse have both supposedly passed through the north of Rohrmarch recently.


Albert Eichel

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Human, Brecht
Class: Ranger
Level: 3rd
Thac0: 18
Ranged Thac0: 16
Weapons: Longbow, Dagger
Skills: Tracker, woodsman, hunter, archer.
Special Ability, Lay of the Land: Spends a full domain turn scouting, returns with reliable intel on domestic and foreign threats.

River Of Never-Ending Words

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Human(Formerly), Anuirean
Class: Cleric(Vorynn)
Level: 15th
Thac0: 12
Weapons: Scepter
Special Qualities: Undead
Special Ability, Research: If you fund his research, River may be able to locate opportunities for adventure(usually with regards to ancient locations that can be explored-and-looted).

Galin Flintfist

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Dwarven
Class: Fighter/Thief
Level: 5th/6th
Thac0: 16
Weapons: Crossbows, axe, pickaxe, shovel
Skills: Mining, digging, killing orogs, not digging too deep
Special Qualities: Dwarven
Special Ability, Construction: If assigned to assist with any construction project, it will be of the highest quality.


Two units of Freedonian Rangers(Archers with -1 Missile, +1 Melee, Scout Movement, no bonus vs mounted), raised and stationed in Milfynn. Upkeep of 2GB.
One unit of Brecht Elite Infantry.
One unit of Brecht Knights
One unit of Regular Infantry
One unit of Massenmarch Wings(mercenary)

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