Gainful Employment

Active Contracts

Researchus Interruptus

Faction: Mi-Go
Hiring Officer: Lesser New England Security Administrator Andromalius
Reward: 80 Favor/Agent
Abstract: Greetings! Greetings! I am Andromalius! You will be my first squad of human resources|||facilitators and I predict a profitable|||friendly relationship! The subject you recovered|||captured on your last assignment has advised us of current threats after being encouraged to vocalize|||speak! The subject has since expired|||succumbed to entropy. We have been made aware of hazardous research being performed in a laboratory concealed below Brown University in Providence. Disrupt their projects, kill or capture the researchers, and any live test subjects must be terminated|||expired for payment|||resources to be released from escrow.


Go to Brown University
Locate the hidden research lab
Destroy the hidden research lab
Kill or capture all personnel
Kill all test subjects

Anomalous Materials

Faction: Starlight Enterprises
Hiring Officer: Starlight Enterprises HR
Reward: 80 Favor/Agent
Abstract: Starlight Enterprises apologizes for unavoidable clashes in the line of duty, thankfully we have determined that the strategic resource you prevented our access to wasn't what we had believed it to be. To show that we are still interested in retaining your services, we will be offering you an alternate contract. An arcane hazard source rating an 8 on the Ashton-Derleth hazard scale is currently being transported by a clandestine group who are incapable of storing it safely, we will be interested in retaining your services to intercept their convoy and recover the artifact.


Locate Elder Cabal convoy
Stop Elder Cabal convoy
Locate Hazard Container 016
Do not open the hazard container or expose the contents to light
Return Hazard Container 016 to our secure storage facility in New Hampshire

Holy Water

Faction: Vatican Sec-Ops
Hiring Officer: Boston Cardinal Richelieu
Reward: 60 Favor/Agent
Abstract: The temporal forces of God require your assistance, children. It has come to our attention that cultists in Newburyport may be attempting to offload unholy artifacts from a cargo ship, but we lack the proof necessary for the UEG to intervene, hence we will be requisitioning your assistance in burning these blasphemous men and women. Sinking the ship will not be necessary, and we will take care of destroying any artifacts left over, so do not concern yourself with them. Just ensure that no cultists escape alive or uncaptured.


Locate the Green Swan at the Newburyport Docks
Prevent the escape of any cultists or the removal of any artifacts

BONUS OBJECTIVE: Capture one or more live cultists for interrogation.

Security Matters

Faction: UEG Security, New England Subsector
Hiring Officer: UEG Contracting Office
Reward: 60 Favor/Agent
Abstract: Our forces are stretched thin elsewhere in New England, otherwise we would not be subcontracting to an unproven PMC. But here we are, and we need you to do a job and do it right. The Vatican has gotten paranoid and is insisting that an otherwise-innocent cargo ship offloading in Newburyport contains arcanotech or illegal religious artifacts. They have no conclusive proof, and so we do not intend to act or investigate, but we're worried that they may attempt to do something about it themselves. Therefore we need you to protect the ship and the offloading thereof. Reinforcements will not be available.


Protect the Green Swan
Do not allow Vatican forces or any others to destroy or steal any cargo

BONUS OBJECTIVE: Capture one or more live Vatican soldiers/mercenaries for prosecution.

Completed Contracts

Resource Acquisition

Faction: Mi-Go
Hiring Officer: Greater Boston Metrozone Administrator Orobas
Reward: 60 Favor/Agent
Abstract: ATTENTION human resources|||facilitators, the Mi-Go Administrative Authority of Boston requires that an individual be moved to a location. This individual is researcher|||suspect|||infiltrator Anton Markoba and is unwilling|||recalcitrant. The subject must be recovered alive|||functioning|||sentient. Other authorities|||organizations may also be seeking|||hunting Anton Markoba. Move with haste. Individual Anton Markoba may have Arcanotech|||CENSORED CONCEPT, consider this a warning|||caution.


Objective Completion Rating: Satisfactory.

Infiltrator Anton Markoba is telling us interesting|||fascinating|||useful things, excellent work, facilitators|||resources. You will be forwarded|||assigned to Lesser New England Security Administrator Andromalius for future contracts.

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