Games I Want to Run

0.0) (being run) Panmeridian, in which the D&D party travel through a literally infinite world of flying islands and so much sea.
Uses D&D 3.5. Current players are Betamax, Earthflame, Emo_Duck, and recon. Link is []

0.1) (being run) Shadow of the Titan, in which a suicide squad of Imperial guardsmen take on titans armed only with meltabombs, lasguns/boltguns, meltaguns, and raw wits. And multi-meltas. And, perhaps, other toys, if they're good. Dark Heresy. Current players are Commissar_Cornflakes, Xaras, Sauber, Sarbiton, and others. Link is []

0/2 (being run) Motherhome, in which adventurers adventure in the world of Mothrime- a cold place of savage horror and danger. Link is []

1) Undying Empires, in which necromancy can even sustain tyranny.
Set in a world where the Roman Empire never fell, Undying Empires is a ruleset-independent campaign setting in the 13th century. Low magic- save for necromancy- and potentially high in the horror, survival, and political themes, it can easily become a simple sandbox or even a combat heavy look at the frontlines of the Roman Legions and Living Auxiliaries.

2) Broken Hearts, Broken Necks, in which love will find a way, even if it's through someone else.
Set in a high-school- most likely- and free of any hefty rules or overall campaign, this simple character-driven Maid variant is generally about the deadliest game- the game of love. In this, the Master becomes the Object of Affection, and a simple way of making sure he's yours is to make sure there's no alternatives around! Just don't frighten him off, by, for instance, strangling one of the other characters in front of him…

3) CTech Lite, in which sofacoin takes all the fun of Ctech and drops that which is unfun- namely the rules.
Set in the future after humanity has been well and truly shoggoth'd, this campaign is likely a normal Black Ops game of CTech, but without the horribly crunch ruleset: instead, a more dynamic and simple system will be used (such as a stripped down version of the CTech Rules, a stripped down version of SR4, or whatever.)

4) Spirit of the Victorian Era, in which the Centurions of the Victorian Era travel through the strange wilds of China.
Set in the pulp world of Spirit of the Century and just a little in the past, this simple variant is just a normal game of Spirit of the Century, with a decidedly British- and thus much more proper- bent.

5) Singapore Black, in which 1990s Singapore is the home of a team of dangerous couriers.
Set in the pulpier, ultraviolent and Tarantino-inspired world of Black Lagoon, with the mild alteration of having all the main characters changed; indeed, the only real things taken directly are Roanapur itself and the themes and atmosphere. Likely working using SR4 due to the massive array of firearms, though this is by no means decided.

6) Tabula Rasa, in which the amnesiac characters struggle less to find out whom they were and more to survive.
That's pretty much it. Oh, and there's no character generation. Uses a simple, homebrew system.

7) Le Mort D'Emperor, in which 40k Titans of great power are piloted by the few that can. Uses BESM.

8) Cromlech, in which men refine corpses in the grim darkness of the forty-first millennium.
Set on the Imperial world of Cromlech, a refinery world where to where bodies of the dead are sent from all over the sector: the PCs may be arbites or workers or special forces or what have you in a world where there's a corpse around every corner. Zombies, nurgle cults, and alien infections, oh my!

9) ???, in which paramilitary explorers wander a hostile world.
Set in the New World, the PCs are a group of paramilitary-types in a world where every city is walled, and every caravan armed. Firearms exist, and so do many, many monsters. The world is detailed with countries and separate human breeds/races diverging from a single species, with an overall post-renaissance/early western technology level. Will use heavily adapted 3.5.

10) Larva, in which spirits of power try and survive in a world as alien to them as they are to it.
The players themselves play unique spirits of bizarre power and countenance, strange creatures born of concepts wrapping themselves in life.
Uncertain of system: could be anything from Polaris to BESM.

11) Carnelian and Jade, in which pokemon is combined with Ghost in the Shell post-cyberpunk action; the players take part as the KPSO, the Kurofuto Public Security Office, dealing with issues of transhumanism and terrorism.

12) Werewolf: Afterworld, in which the story of Gaea after Luna's death and the shattering of the world is played out. Umbral tatters and a split triad, including the newly-sane Wyrm. The players are a pack of garou in the times after the end, trying to survive in a world of massive hazard.

13) Summer, in which a young world's intelligent predator species live together in competition and harmony. The players are members of these carnivore species, living in a world with such high technology as 'flint spear' and such high magic as 'enhance fertility'.

14) Cromlechian Heresy, in which Imperial citizens on a corpse-world struggle against the witch, the alien, the mutant and such- all the while surrounded by many, many corpses

15) Misc: Transhuminist Fantasy, in which the players are transhumans in a backwater world with little tech but themselves;
15.1) Misc: Totally Not Metalocalypse, in which the players are a troupe of musicians to whom weirder and weirder shit happens;
15.2) Misc: Something where the PCs are all pretty much, if not utterly, unkillable.

More to come. Almost certainly. Oh yesss.

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