Gessica Peschiera

Vital Stats

Gessica Peschiera
Race: Human
Profession: Mercenary
Background: Daughter of a minor noble that owned a small fishing harbor, bought some arms and wants to re-establish the family honor

HP: 32/32
Defense: 15
Armor: 8
Stamina: 23/23


Merchant grants a passive bonus to any arguments that are based primarily people's self-interest or greed.
Rogue grants a passive bonus to any actions involving fine dexterity or precision coordination.
Warrior grants a passive bonus to any actions involving brute application of strength.
Blood Mage adds a passive bonus to any checks involving medical care or forensics.
Bonus: +4

Scion of the Empire (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): None, Passive)
Halves travel costs along roads and rivers or within 2 hexes of a town, ruin or city, works for a group up to 10 times the character's level. Multiple Scions of the Empire add their maximum group size together. Cannot be chosen alongside Brigand.

Negotiator (Starting skill, Passive)
Any time the Mercenary is negotiating for something(defining as making an offer to exchange one thing for another, or for the payout for providing a service. Figurative offers like "i'll pay you in not having a broken nose if you get off my damn lawn" don't count) he receives a +3 modifier to his roll. Also affects Haggling.

Mechanist (Starting skill, Passive)
The Mercenary gets a +3 modifier to any attempts to disarm mechanical traps or mechanisms, pick locks or otherwise open doors.

Charge! (Starting skill, Speed 4)
The Warrior moves ahead two range bands or until he enters the same range band as an enemy, he may then make an attack with his equipped weapon against an enemy in range. If he's already in the same range band as an enemy, this ability cannot be used. Cost: 2 Adrenaline.

Melee Expertise (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Charge!, Passive)
Any attack with a weapon of range 0 or 1 gains a +3 modifier to hit.

Keen Eye (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Negotiator, Passive)
The Mercenary gets a +3 modifier to any rolls that might turn up valuables, as she's learned to keep an eye out for anything that can increase his payday. Anything obviously valuable applies: Works of art, gemstones, gilded platemail, items of excellent craftsmanship, etc. but a powerful elixir contained within a dusty, anonymous bottle wouldn't count.

Heavy Strike (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Charge!, Speed +1)
Does +4 damage and knocks the target back 1 range band. Uses the character's weapon range and requires a melee weapon.

Throw Ally (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Heavy Strike, Speed 2)
If an ally is in the same range band as the Mercenary, this ability allows the Mercenary to move the ally up to three range bands away. On landing, treat the ally as though they've just entered the range band for the purposes of any passive effects. Cost: 3 Adrenaline.

Parry (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Melee Expertise, Speed 4)
For the next 10 Ticks, the Mercenary gains temporary Health equal to the maximum damage dealt by their equipped weapon, doubled if they're also equipped with a shield. Damage taken is subtracted from the temporary Health first and damage dealt to temporary health is armor-ignoring by default. Until the ability ends, the Mercenary's Defense is reduced to 10. When the ability ends, the Mercenary gains Adrenaline equal to half the amount of temporary Health lost while the ability was active. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.

Tackle (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Heavy Strike, Passive)
Any time an enemy leaves the range band the Mercenary is in, the Mercenary may make a free attack against them with his wielded weapon. Movement "across" his range(for instance, starting a band in front of him and then moving to a band behind him) also triggers this ability.

Sacrifice (Starting Skill, Passive)
The Blood Mage can spend Health at a 1:1 ratio in the place of Stamina.

Sacrificial Knife (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Sacrifice, Speed +2)
The Blood Mage makes a weapon attack, if it strikes, they or an ally within 1 range of the target gain 1 point of Health for every two points of damage done after Armor mitigation. Cost: 3 Adrenaline.


Sword (sharpened) - 1d8+1, 0 range, 5 speed, 10 enc
Breastplate - 5 armor, +1 speed, 50 enc
Kite Shield - 3 armor, +1 speed, 5 enc
Backpack - +15 enc limit
Space suit, blue - 5 enc
Plasteel Carapace - 5 armor, 20 enc
23 flint

Enc: 70/115



1 flint (start)
Intake: 2 (bet) + 25 (armwrestling) + 1 (tip) = 28
Expenditure: 1 (bet) + 5 (drink and room) = 6
Balance: (1 + 27) - 6 = 23

Party Fund

Balance: (3462-3284.5) = 177.5 flint

Drusa and baggage handlers are paid daily, 5 and 1 respectively (7 flint for all three every day)

Drusa, Human Mercenary
HP: 24
Stamina: 20

Defense: 15
Armor: 2

Skills: Brigand, Negotiator, Mechanist, Charge!, Ranged Expertise, Sniper, Stealthy, Assassin
Gear: Leather Armor (2 protection), Rifle (1d8+2 damage, 8 range, 8 speed, 15 enc)

Brigand(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): None, Passive) Gain a permanent -1 to all initiative rolls.

Negotiator(Starting skill, Passive)

Mechanist(Starting skill, Passive) +3 modifier to any attempts to disarm mechanical traps or mechanisms, pick locks or otherwise open doors.

Ranged Expertise(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Mechanist, Passive) Any attack with a weapon of range 3 or greater gains a +3 modifier to hit.

Sniper(Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Ranged Expertise, Speed 10)
Requires a weapon of range 3 or greater to use, pick a target within range of this weapon. After 10 Ticks, make a weapon attack with a weapon of range 3 or greater that has a +10 to hit and does double damage. For every range band the target has moved in the interval, reduce the bonus to hit by 2. Costs 5 Adrenaline to use.

An Abyss Bone Whip, a Moonforged Two-Handed Sword and a Chaos Drone. Additionally, there's also a telescope

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