Codename: Ghost
Real Name: ?
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Paladin Team Beta
Ghost remains the gentle, quiet, polite wallflower of the Beta crew. Her deceptively soft nature belies the heart of a hardened assassin, a fact most of the crew realizes - though it took a few hundred years. In spite of this, she has made fast friends with most everyone she meets, though she still gains inordinant amounts of pleasure from 'spooking' the normal crew. She maintains an air of ladylike civility and enjoys quiet activities like knitting or reading. A deep-seated love of animals spurred her on to devote an area of the ship to agriculture, and her affections spread to plantlife and Hydroponics as well. She has displayed an interest in conversation, stealing a few aquatic lifeforms and even attempting diplomacy with the slug-like aliens on the Ainalhai.

The few times she loses her calm attitude is when confronted with her one phobia - an intense, gripping fear of being frozen. Because of this phobia, her favorite spots on the ship are always warm, and her personal quarters are often described as 'sweltering'.


Before her death, Ghost was the youngest in a pair of indentical twins. Though they looked the same, she was eclipsed by her older sister's personality, and spent her time studying and keeping to herself. According to spotty records, Ghost gained her phobia in her younger years, serving only to seperate herself further from society. Even more mysterious are the circumstances of her death - reportedly, her older sister was murdered, prompting Ghost to pursue the killer, while other sources cite Ghost herself as the murderer. The U.N no longer holds records of the event at all, and Ghost refuses to talk about it, though her skills bring to light that she would not be entirely honest even if she did. She is actually one of the younger cyborgs in the Beta team, and her implants are considered slightly more experimental.


Body: 7
Mind: 5
Soul: 6

Combat Value: 6
Attack Value: 9
Defense Value: 8
Damage Multiplier: 5
Health Points: 85
Armour Rating: 6

Invisiblity 4 (Sight 2, Sonar 1, Thermal 1)
Features 2 (Thermal/Nightvision)
Elasticity 3
Heightened Sense 2 (Hearing twice)
Heightened Awareness 2 (Spider Sense)
Special Movement 3 (Hollow Bones: Balance, Light-footed, Cat-like)
Melee Attack 3
Melee Defense 2
Combat Technique 1 (Brutal)
Armor 3 (Armor Rating 6)
Tough 4 (+20 HP)
Organizational Ties 2
Special Defenses 1 (Aging, Disease, Freezing Cold, Freezing Water, Lack of Air, Lack of Food, Lack of Water, Low Pressure, High Pressure, Overheating, Poison, Sleep)

Acrobatics 6 (Flexibility)
Stealth 5 (Camoflage, Silent Movement, Concealment)
Artisan 3 (Knitting)
Burglary 4 (Lock-Picking)
Climbing 3 (Walls)
Urban Tracking 5 (Corporate)
Interrogation 2 (Psychological)
Police Sciences 2 (Forensics)

Phobia (Freezing) 2


STR: 2
DEX: 4
CON: 2
INT: 3
PER: 3
WIL: 2

Life: 26(32)
Endurance: 23
Speed: 12
Essence: 8

Accute Hearing 2
Hard to Kill 2
Situational Awareness 2
Fast Reaction Time 2

Covetous 1 (Extra time outside of the Freezer)
Obsession 2 (Knitting)

Eye Enhancement (Thermal/Nightvision)
Nanoflage (+10 to stealth (not being seen), +1 in generic camoflage, 5 EP)
Enhanced Nanoflage (Complete invisibility, 1 EP per 2 minutes)
Amplified Nanoflage (Invisible to thermal/sonar)
JellyBody (Temporarily liquify several joints and bones to allow infiltration into tighter spaces)
GooBody (Permanent Class IIIa rather than IIa armor against blunt impacts(25 as opposed to 15 armor), +2 to Dodge/Acrobatics or Martial Arts/Brawling for 4 EP)
Honeycombed Bones (Much lighter all around, making jumping, climbing, and most acrobatics much easier)

Stealth 5 (Dex/Per)
Martial Arts(CQC) 4 (???/Dex/Str)
Escapism 1 (Int/Dex)
Dodge 5 (Dex)
Notice 3 (Per/Int)
Melee(Knives) 3 (Dex/Str)
Climbing 2 (Dex/Str/Con)
Acrobatics 3 (Dex)*
Firearms(Pistols) 2 (Dex/Per)
Lock Picking 2 (Dex/Per/Int)
Knitting 2 (Dex/Per/Int)
Investigate 1 (Per)

Knitting Needles
Large Knife (1d4*Str)
Stealthan Suit

XPs: 8

Usually gentle and quiet, Ghost is the understated wallflower of the Beta team. Or so she likes to think. While she has the smallest kill-count, her victims are usually alive, just missing limbs or otherwise incapacitated. If asked to comment, she says it would be better if they were just polite in the first place. She does her best to be ladylike, though no one's sure if this is a throwback to her life before being a Cyborg - she never speaks of it, leaving it a blank page and going only by the name Ghost. (No one is entirely sure if her habit towards dismemberment is a throwback, either.) Her favorite hobby is knitting, and she does it with gusto and skill, creating wooly monstrosities at the drop of a hat. She also owns the cat Souffle.

The only things that make Ghost nervous are the threat of Freezing (Which she thinks they'll never wake her up from), and if her team mates are threatened. She trusts them enough to even give Mercurial frequent access to her eyes, and she often rides on Paladin's shoulder into battle. She is the only member of the Beta team to not wear a trench coat - it interferes with her camoflage, so she wears a stealth suit instead.

Ghost's politeness extends even to the chipped - She has come up with many alternative terms for many of the things she deals with, though her most common is to call Class C and D citizens 'Dreamers'. This makes A and B Class citizens 'Awake', and it's unknown if she's used a term for the unchipped.

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