Giuseppe Palladino

Giuseppe Palladino, Breeder

Stat # Spent Bonus
Str 8 -1
Dex 12 +1
Con 8 -1 HP: 52
Int 10
Wis 14 +2
Cha 17 (12+5) +3


Breeder (Natural Edge, Egg Factory)
Back Off
Egg Hatcher
Fertile Encouragement
Double Time

Eggs Hatched: 4
9 x Friend Ball
10 x Fresh Water
Salac Berry
900 Pl
Heavy, metal-reinforced cane with suspicious resemblance to a sledge
Dueling Stiletto

Giuseppe's not what one might call a tall man- hell, he's positively short- but he's remembered as larger than life. Barely 5' tall and having always been a little closer to the ground than most, he's had to stand out to not be overlooked- something he does damn well. Heck, he makes "trouble-maker" and "loud-mouth" seem almost like compliments.
Currently enrolled in the Venician Breeder's Academy, Giuseppe is making a name for himself mostly for making a name for himself. Just a little hot-headed, the man is more than happy to defend his ideas on animal care through either demonstrating their effectiveness or through hitting someone over the head with a chair; part of the reason for this behaviour is the influence of the machismo ideal his father, himself a short man, impressed upon Giuseppe.
This wasn't the only thing that Giuseppe learned, though. He learned of family and respect far more that nurturing and protecting those under your care is more important than anything, and that one must grant and demonstrate respect to all those who one would call an ally; this leads him to constantly mother and train and treat his pets, trying to teach them the same lessons he himself has learned.
Giuseppe's oddest habit is how he expects his pokemon to misconform to human gender roles. Rather than the usual stereotypes of "aggressive males, nurturing females", he teaches those more dangerous pokemon- regardless of actual gender- how to act like a man, and those more caring or frail "how a woman should act". It's unclear quite why he does this, and his explanations are both rambling and circular.
Giuseppe's got a lot of friends, and a handful of enemies to go with them. Some of them even flip-flop. It's not unlikely for there to be at least one real rival out there in the Academy.

Giuseppe is short, with cropped black hair with just a touch of curl to it, and a horse-like but expressive face. He's got a wide mouth and surprisingly good teeth- he rubs 'em with a cloth after each meal- and, while maybe not actively handsome, his by-no-means-bad looks and personality still find him with some admiration. He likes to wear a wide, drooping cavalier's hat and a cloak whenever he can over his brown, black or grey breeches and any of four different white shirts.
He walks with a thick, heavy cane with a wide, metal head that has some peculiar resemblance to a rather thin sledgehammer. It's also similarly good at being used as a bludgeoning instrument, and can also be used as an excellent croquet mallet.



Gender: Female
Type: Mawile
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Hyper Cutter

Base Wild Growth Total
Attack 9 9 +3 12
Defence 9 9 +2 11
Speed 7 5 +3 10
Special Defence 6 6 +1 7
HP 5 5 +1 6
Special Attack 4 6 +0 6


Metal Claw
Swords Dance
False Swipe

Alphonse is a particularly canny mawile with a knack for language: she can even say a handful of words, though she's still a long way from being able to recite Evening Prayer. She was the first pokemon Giuseppe ever hatched, and she still retains a constant, infectious cheerfulness, liable to play with anything she can pick up.
She's got big, inquisitive eyes over an oversized, round snout, and she's a few inches taller and a little thinner than most mawiles. She has a definite attraction to pretty things, to Giuseppe's chargrin, and can often be found putting flowers and feathers in the child-size tricorn cap he has outfitter her.


Gender: Male
Type: Hoppip
Nature: Relaxed
Ability: Leaf Guard

Base Wild Growth Total
Defence 4 6 +4 10
Special Defence 6 6 +4 10
HP 4 4 +3 7
Attack 4 4 +3 7
Special Attack 4 4 +0 4
Speed 5 3 +0 3


Cotton Guard
Stun Spore
Tail Whip

Pippin is a lazy, dumb-looking Hoppip who has a lot in common with a puppy. He is, however, very slightly more aggressive than one might expect from his outward appearance, a subtle viciousness belying his benign, sleepy demeanour.

Other Pokemon Giuseppe Would Like:
1 Ditto
2 Riolu
3 Misdreavius
4 Nincada
5 Torchic
6 Chinchou
7 Ralts
8 Eevee
9 Mightyena
10 Skarmory
11 Croagunk
12 Murkrow
13 Onix
14 Meditite
15 Bronzor
16 Scyther
17 Carvahna
18 Cacnea
19 Sneasel
20 Spiritomb

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