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GNN Articles for Spring 2023

Mysterious Fire in Providence Suburb

UEG security teams assure us that no mercenaries were involved in the burning of the house of reclusive researcher Anton Markoba, nor were any Starlight Enterprises helicopters in the area at the time, cleanly putting to rest any suspicions of violence or foul play. Instead, authorities theorize that Mr. Markoba fell afoul of a faulty gas stove which exploded. Reports of psychoactive effects afflicting the emergency crews present at the scene have also turned out to be nothing but malicious fantasy.

Russian Campaign At Standstill

UEG Eurussian Forces find themselves stalled by Yellow Sign fanatics on the shores of the Aral Sea, the Eurussian campaign which had formerly been proceeding according to all projections, appears to have been slowed down by the Signers deploying military Shoggoths in unexpected numbers. Eurussian campaign commander Demyan Evgeni informs us his forces are digging in and awaiting Mi-Go air support. Our sources, which remain unnamed for their own safety, inform us that Astana is the current Yellow Sign headquarters for this part of the front, that the waterways flow with blood and only those graced by Hastur's blessing can walk the streets unmolested.

Further north on the front, vicious fighting is ensuing in the suburbs of Yekatarinburg, all our best wishes go out to the boys in black and red!

Grand Chasm Dam Project To Resume

After Dagonite saboteurs earlier this month killed or injured over a hundred Chinese workers in the grand Asian project to drain the Sea of Japan and destroy whatever holdings the Esoteric Order might have there, the project has been at a standstill while security measures were reviewed. New guidelines require mandatory DNA testing for any trace signs of Deep One hybridism, and all known hybrid workers have been asked to resign. Now, however, we are informed that the project will resume and that the timeline which projects a complete draining of the Sea of Japan by 2036 will not be affected.

UEG Jump Troopers Die in LA Metrozone Ambush

Earlier today, Blood Eagle mercenaries claimed responsibility for the death of over fifteen UEG Jump Troopers of the reputable Diamond Sword battalion. The Sworders were ambushed in the Los Angeles Metrozone by the Blood Eagles and fought to the last man, unconfirmed reports say ten Blood Eagles were killed. The Los Angeles Metrozone has been under martial law since 2015, when the city council announced it was hiring PMC's to supplement its police forces and uphold order. The controversial "Enforcers" have been denounced by many as unreliable fascists, and hailed by others as vital vigilante assistance.

The Blood Eagles currently have a hundred-thousand credit bounty on the head of any one of them, after reportedly abusing their Enforcer powers and privileges more than any other PMC involved.

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