Astrid Thoradottir
Giorgio Giordano
Varvara Maksimova
Vincenzo Cassi


Kabri Dar: A town located in a mountain pass on the western edge of Ancalia, near Lom

Red Watch: Former headquarters of the now-scattered, mostly-dead Invocatant Order. Its defenses and resources are under Giorgio's control, and recognize the rest of the party as allies, though most of its contents have been brought along by the Invocatants when they left to attend to the crisis, and Narwa has severely damaged a large part of the remainder.

Lake Gojeb: Host to a series of sunken structures now inhabited by some sort of sharkfolk, even though they might once have been above water. The shark folk are confined to the lake, and have been helped several times by the party. Once by Vincenzo and Giovanni who cleared out dangerous machinery and traps around their underwater village, and once by Astrid, who graced them with permanent fishing bounty and a lake that would never be a hostile environment to them.


The Eater of the Dead

A shambling pile of rotting corpses, some apparently of titanic or extinct creatures, currently about the size of an elephant. Very self-pitying and weepy, currently responsible for clearing the mountains north of Kabri Dar of husks. As per the name, it eats corpses, animated or otherwise, and appears able to attract the animated variety from a considerable distance to feed its bulk.


Leader of Narwa's adopted bandit army. A scarred former knight or career mercenary, was recently mind-controlled into assembling his army and assaulting Kabri Dar by an unknown creature with eyes of gold.


Short-haired, blonde, Pavian knight. She has a dour and straightforward demeanor, refused to engage the party since they didn't seem evil.

The Angel of Gold

Apparently has a vendetta against Narwa, as well as two unknown entities: Ajivani and Rudhira Zila. He's also an angel, and almost certainly has access to the Word of Deception. In his natural form, he's a genderless(though faintly masculine) golden statue, with wings of gold. His disguise has so far mainly been that of a Glorificant Knight, a member of one of the fallen Ancalian knightly orders.

Seems to be part of something called the "Host of Chains," former servants of the Creator described as allies to all mortals. Among those dangers to Arcem they've once helped seal away are Narwa, Tufan, Ajivani and Rudhira Zila.

FATE: Dissolved while attempting to deal with an unsealed plague. His head was briefly recovered and used for exposition by Narwa.

Magister Knight Yamikani

A crazy Invocatant Knight currently kept prisoner in his own VAULT OF TIME, because it was decided as being marginally more civilized than throwing him down the stairs until he stopped moving. Convinced that the world is doomed and that his brilliant plans are going to fix it. Not quite as brilliant as he thinks. Crazy-eyed, crazy-haired, crazy-beared, wears a lot of old robes. Knows more about time magic than most mortals, which isn't necessarily a lot.

FATE: Currently suspended in time. Likely to remain so for a few thousand years unless someone pries into Red Watch and releases him. Unlikely to be missed.


Narwa remembers this name, and she hates it.


The mailman! Very chipper. Does not get along with Narwa.

Advancement Roster

XP Total: 20XP
Dominion Total: 12 Dominion


Each of these "challenges" is worth +1XP to those who finish them. Most of them won't have any final hand-in date.

Diary Entry: Zeplin666/Varvara, Acacia/Astrid, Della/Narwa
Why do dragons need princesses? Zeplin666/Varvara, Della/Narwa

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