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Title: GODS
Air Date: 8pm CET(+1 UTC)
Running Time: 4~ Hours
Description: A team of five divinely empowered heroes fight to shape the future of the Bright Republic… 's main TV network, as its newest prime time show. Having been coerced into having a TV crew following them around at all times, and being subjected to a variety of "adventures" both real and staged, and occasionally stuff that the Republic's military or law enforcement should actually be handling, their survival and well-being is tied directly to their ratings.

Cast & Crew

Bobby: Played by Luna_Parker
Simone: As portrayed by Zeplin666
Bugbear: Brought to life by Disgruntled_Ferret
Lucia: Written by GovtCheese
Ethilin: Based on the hit novel by Sanev_Khan

Writing Challenges

#1: Write your character's official GODS website biography. Similarity to real biography or objective truth not required, consider that they want the core demographics to watch this show. And also to sell toys, tie-in comics and T-shirts.
#2: Write up a commercial, or elevator pitch for a commercial, for some tie-in product for the show.
#3: Write a TV guide entry for an episode of the show.


XP: 2
Dominion: 2

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