Gordon Wolfe

Live Sheet

Lieutenant Gordon Wolfe

Age: 27
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Description: Average height, wiry; scar on right side of face, fine scars around right eye; slightly lopsided jaw as if once broken.



Body 5
Mind 6
Soul 4

Derived Values

ACV1 6 7 with Fighter Weapons and Firearms
DCV2 5 7 with Piloting
DM3 5 6 with Fighter Primary Weapons
HP4 45
EP5 50
SV6 9

Attributes, Skills, and Defects

Attribute Level Effect
Attack Combat Mastery 1 +1 to ACV
Combat Technique (Dead Eye) 1 The character is adept at attacking fast targets,which greatly reduces the penalties a character normally suffers. All penalties are reduced by one grade.
Combat Technique (Extended Range) 1 Characters with this Technique can double the effective, medium, and long ranges (in metres) of ranged weapons.
Combat Technique (Far Shot) 1 When using a ranged attack, reduce the total penalties associated with firing a weapon at medium or long range by one grade.
Item (Sniper Rifle) 5 DM-12A2(S) "Gandiva"
Massive Damage (Primary Weapons) 1 +1 to Damage Multiplier with Primary Fighter Weapons
Ranged Attack (Fighter Weapons) 1 +1 to ACV with Fighter Weapons
Ranged Attack (Firearms) 1 +1 to ACV with Firearms
Ranged Defence (Primary) 2 +2 to DCV when facing Primary fighter weapons
Ranged Defence (Secondary) 2 +2 to DCV when facing Secondary fighter weapons
Skill Level Relevant Stat Stat
Demolitions (Bomb Disposal) 1 Body or Mind 5 or 6
Navigation (Space) 2 Mind 6
Piloting (Fighters) 4 Average of Body and Mind 5
Stealth (Camouflage) 3 Body (sometimes Mind) 5 (6)


DM-12A2(S) "Gandiva"

Rifle, Sniper
Base Damage

Accurate 1 (+1 ACV)
Penetrating 1 (Reduce Armour Rating of Armour and Shields by 4)
Range 3 (1000m)

Ammo 2 (3 shots)
Hands (Requires two hands to operate)

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