Name: Soozie Oozie, aka Mykaela Hines

An experimental addition to CADAVER, Mykaela's physical parts were not acquired in an optimal state. Her brain had been used as a bioCPU for years and her lowers legs were completely missing. After refurbishing what they could, the technicians turned her into a fast attack unit. When the program went belly-up, they installed some government-approved* skill packages and told her to be a person again, despite missing huge blocks of memories and the occasional nightmare in binary. But there was good news for her, catgirls are still popular, and ammo is cheap.

Once given the choice, Mykaela decided she no longer felt like a "Mykaela" and also had trouble spelling it sometimes. She picked a far simpler name, Suzy, which is probably short for Suzanne, or Susan, or something. The important part is it rhymed with the maker of the sub-machine gun she walked out with, and according to the internet, style is everything. Soozy Soozie raided the lost-and-found on her way out and pawned off several faux-leather wallets to buy a transparent plastic raincoat. Now armed with a streaming service and a social media account, she's ready to make her mark on Vancouver. With spraypaint, because vandalism.

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Life: 46/46
Endurance: 48/48
Essence: 19/19

Strength: 3
Dexterity: 6
Constitution: 5
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 3
Perception: 3

Acrobatics/Dodge(Dex) 5
Art(Int/Will)(spraypainting) 4
Athletics(Str/Dex/Con) 5
Brawling(Str/Dex) 3
Charisma(Int/Will) 3
Computers(Int) 3
Guns(Dex/Per)(submachine guns) 4
Sleight of Hand(Dex) 3
Smooth Talking(Int/Will) 3
Throwing(Str) 2

Artistic Talent - +3 to rolls with an art and +12 essence
Fast Reaction Time - +2 init
Adrenaline Rush -at 50% total hp, or a limb educed to 0 hp, gain +2 STR/DEX/CON

Fast Shot: +3 init, aimed shots suffer double the normal to-hit penalty
Small Frame: enemies have -2 to hit, also -1 STR/CON

Oxyliquid Circulator: +2 CON, -5 essence
Corporate Loyalty Program: more cybernetic points, now has lcd banner ad tramp stamp
Cyberskates: while deployed, +4 dodge/athletics, +2 brawl, rolling a 1 causes a crash for 2d4 damage
Full Spinal Replacement: +1STR/DEX, EMP must be resisted with 1d10+CON, -5 essence
Prehensile Tail: +2 dodge, -1 Stealth, can hold objects
Advanced Sound System: no more shitty audio quality with ASS

9mm SMG - cost 10
flashbang - cost 5
Duffel bag full of rattle cans
Cellphone charms

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