Planetary Data

Gravity: 105% Earth Normal
Length of day: 1d 6h 35m
Radius: 6,697 km
Mass: 6.271×10^24 kg
Distance from local star: 124,4 million km

Gameplay Effects: -1 Tech Redemption: Mech(everything must be engineered to withstand greater gravity), -2 Vigor(the greater gravity demands more effort to do anything), -1 Dodge, -1 Fight, -1 Melee

Climatic Data

Ambient Temperature(Daytime, Exterior): 12 Celsius
Ambient Temperature(Night Time, Exterior): 5 Celsius
Surface Water Coverage: 82.9%
Arable Area: 13%
Hazards: Storms, Flooding, Toxic Rain


Grubspire hugs its fat, red parent start close, providing it with enough warmth for liquid water despite the star's lessened temperature and luminosity. The vast majority of Grubspire's surface area is water, but it has few large, continental landmasses, instead being mostly covered in loosely-gathered archipelagos, most of which are by now covered in dense, urban sprawl. Or the ruins thereof. The largest landmasses on Grubspire would be similar in size to the English mainland, or Greenland.

The sky is blocked by dark, ashen clouds or thick, black storm clouds most of the time, leaving everything in perpetual twilight except where some of the world's artificial lighting still works, or near major machine encampments. Little remains of the world's original biosphere except in the antarctic regions, the deepest oceans and some isolated islands, all plants and creatures having otherwise been hunted down and consumed by the warforms of the Scourge. The creatures of the Scourge now patrol the dead seas, the oceans and what remains of the countryside while it remains locked in battle with the world's orphaned war machines.


It remains a mystery.

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