GTVA Training Sim

Welcome New Pilot!

This is the GTVA Training Simulator! The Simulator exists to get you back to scratch on rusty skills or to help you gain those skills in the first place if you're a rookie!

Shooting People!

This is what you'll be spending a lot of time doing!

To hit someone, roll 2d6+Attack Combat Value+Modifiers(for instance, from guided missiles!)

While they roll 2d6+Defense Combat Value+Modifiers(for instance, if you're flying a really zippy ship!)

Highest roll wins! If you're trying to avoid being hit, reverse the rolls!

To find out who shoots first, every fight starts with everyone rolling 2d6+Base Combat Value+Fast Reflexes bonuses! The round order remains as first rolled for every round afterwards.

Doing Damage!

Damage is simply (Base Damage*Damage Multiplier), for most people, Damage Multiplier is 5, but some people are really good at making others say ouch! So be careful!

Oh, and of course, Armor and Forcefields are subtracted from the total damage before it's applied to the enemy's hit points or structural integrity. Note that some weapons are less effective against shields!

Energy and Ship Systems

Most ship generators recover energy at a rate of 5 points/round. Various things require energy to do!

For instance, firing your guns! Specific energy drain is noted at the weapon, be sure to remember that most guns are mounted in 2x mounts and therefore drain twice as much as it says!

Deploying Chaff is also an option, that takes 10 energy from your generator and means that any incoming missiles which are guided have a -5 to hit! Really useful!

Redirecting energy to your engines also takes 10, but it gives you a +2 to defense rolls against anything because you can outmaneuver or just plain run away from getting hit.

Shields are interesting things. Whenever you take enough damage to overwhelm your shields, even if armor absorbs the rest, your shields drop by one level! That means 4 points less absorption until you have the time to turn them off completely and let them recharge. Alternately, you can expend 5 energy to instantly recover one lost shield level!

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