HP: 12
DEF: 15
Stamina: 29

-Tireless Explorer
-Grenade (spd 5) (range 3, strikes area, single attack and damage roll. 2d6, costs 2adr)
-Elemental Spark (spd3) (range 3, strikes single, +2 to hit. 1d6+2, costs 2adr)
-Illuminate (spd3) (one range band is cursed with +2 to hit them for 5 ticks. Costs 2adr)
-Call Shadows (spd3) (one range band is protected with -2 to hit them for 5 ticks. Costs 2adr)
-Invisibility (non-combat) (+5 to hiding. Costs 2stam/character)
-Call Shadows (spd5) (for 20 ticks, have 2 shadows. Can't be hit except by AoE, Def15 HP10. On my tick, they make a +2 1d6 attack, range 0 or 3, ignores all armor. Costs 6adr)

Polearm (1d8, range 1, speed 6, encumbr. 10)
2x Javelin (1d6+1, range 4, speed 3, encumbr. 5+5)
Padded Armor (armor 2, Speed +1, encumbr. 5)

Money: 10 Flints

Spent: 40

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