Mercenary/Erosion Cultist

Hali is a Merfolk who was once an Eroder, acting as secret police for the current Pearl Court. She became disillusioned with Pearl Court society, and sensing that opportunities were greater above the surface, traveled to the dry world to gain her power and fame. Like you would expect, she's rather paranoid, especially of other Merfolk, but she finds humans to be pretty gullible. However, she's not exactly aware of the… pecularities of above-ground speech.

HP: 24
DEF: 15
Stamina: 24


(combat skills)
(Merfolk) Tail Slam (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Lowborn, Speed 2) - Make an Accuracy +3 attack against an enemy in range 0. If successful, the enemy is moved 1 range band. If targeted at a willing ally, no attack roll is required. Cost: 2 Adrenaline.
(Erosion Cultist) Toxic Blow (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Harmless, Speed +2) - Make a normal weapon attack, if it hits, double the damage done after armor is subtracted. Cost: 6 Adrenaline.
(Warrior) Charge! (Starting skill, Speed 4) - The Warrior moves ahead two range bands or until he enters the same range band as an enemy, he may then make an attack with his equipped weapon against an enemy in range. If he's already in the same range band as an enemy, this ability cannot be used. Cost: 2 Adrenaline.
(Rogue) Hamstring (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Mechanist, Speed +1) - Does normal weapon damage. For the remainder of the fight, any effects that change the target's range band(willingly or forced) deal +4 armor-ignoring damage. Cost: 4 Adrenaline.
(Rogue) Stealthy (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Mechanist, Passive) - Out of combat this adds a +3 to any thieving ventures based on stealth or dexterity(not including those affected by Mechanist), i.e. sneaking, picking pockets, palming small objects or cheating at cards, things of that caliber. In-Combat, this allows the character to reposition by 1 range band after initiative has been rolled and everyone has been placed in their starting bands.

(passive skills)
(Merfolk) Lowborn (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): None, Passive) - Gain a permanent +4 to Stamina, and an additional +1 Stamina per level. Cannot be chosen alongside Abyssal Nobility.
(Rogue) Ranged Expertise (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Mechanist, Passive)- Any attack with a weapon of range 3 or greater gains a +3 modifier to hit.
(Warrior) Melee Expertise (Tier 1, Prerequisite(s): Charge!, Passive) - Any attack with a weapon of range 0 or 1 gains a +3 modifier to hit.
(Erosion Cultist) Harmless (Starting Skill, Passive) - Add a +3 to any attempt to convince someone that you're no threat and/or have no hostile intentions towards them.
(Rogue) Mechanist (Starting skill, Passive) - The Mercenary gets a +3 modifier to any attempts to disarm mechanical traps or mechanisms, pick locks or otherwise open doors.
(Merchant) Negotiator (Starting skill, Passive) - The Mercenary gets a +3 modifier to any rolls that might turn up valuables, as he's learned to keep an eye out for anything that can increase his payday. Anything obviously valuable applies: Works of art, gemstones, gilded platemail, items of excellent craftsmanship, etc. but a powerful elixir contained within a dusty, anonymous bottle wouldn't count.

(Talent tree bonuses to non-combat actions)
(Currently +1) Erosion Cultist adds a passive bonus to any attempts at lying.
(Currently +0) Merchant grants a passive bonus to any arguments that are based primarily people's self-interest or greed.
(Currently +2) Rogue grants a passive bonus to any actions involving fine dexterity or precision coordination.
(Currently +1) Warrior grants a passive bonus to any actions involving brute application of strength.


2x Dagger (1d6, range 0, speed 3, encumbr. 5 (10))
Javelin (1d6+1, range 4, speed 4, encumbr. 10)
Merfolk Glaive (Polearm) (1d8, range 1, speed 6, encumbr. 10)
Woven Seaweed Armor (Leather Armor) (armor 3, Speed +0, encumbr. 30)

Encumbrance: 60/100

Money: zero lol

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