Hanilan Karai

Character: Hanilan Karai
Name: Lyrai
Titles: Vassal of the Storms, Stormspirit
Alignment: CG

Age : Legal
Species: Lighting Genasi
Hair: Ponytail, up, red with blond streaks.
Eyes: Green

Concept: Short but determined Genasi who's probably a bit too trusting, and way too airheaded.

Apperance: Short. Keeps her hair in a ponytail when out and about, will let it fall down when relaxed. Prefers dark blue/electric yellow outfits, and thick socks & shoes.
Usually seen in either a shirt/short combo that allows for freedom of movement, a thick pants/sweater for harsher enviroments, an aboyne dress over a white blouse
when in a town, or in really fluffy pajamas. Always wearing a hat.
The hat is a jester's cap - one half is Dark Blue, one half is electric yellow. There are two patches on it - one is a small boat, one is simply a small brown patch that looks like a door
there's a circular gem in the middle of it. Her bust size is B, or low C.
When using Superspeed, there is a distant sound of thunder with each footstep. Every so often lightning crackles behind her eyes, as if a stworm is going on
in her brain.

Backstory: Child of at least two sensates who's visit to the Quasi-Plane of Lighting tickeled a lot more than just their fancies,
Hanilan was born a Lightning Genasi, and despite being sickly, showed a high magical aptitude. She had a brush with divinity when her parents
were visiting a Power's realm, and said diety, at the time, was actually there, getting the hat he forgot. It's influence the instant the diety
put the hat on made the realm so beautiful and perfect in her eyes, a wonderous place to visit. Inspired, and no longer wanting to be a
berk just banging around her plane, Hanilan set out to find her own True Dark to worship, and to find this plane again - sadly, she remembers
nothing beyond the sensation of beauty and perfection and a desire to wear a hat, and her parents aren't talking, either. She's only been around
to very few, and her parents, after bidding her well, urged her to visit the sensates in the Cage. Always looking for new sensations, the Sensates
asked her if she could record what she found in her search for the dark on their stones, and they'd help give her new experiences. They seem keenly
interested in the perfection Hanilan found. She accepted, and is now seen as a Namer of the Sensates.

Has mild synesthesia. Can and has affected her usage of Supersense and Heightened senses.

Points: 333
Defects -11

STATS: [150 pnts]

Body Body Stat Points
4 40
Mind Mind Stat Points
4 40
Soul Soul Stat Points
7 70


Attack Combat Value : 5 (B+M+S)/3
Defence Combat Value: 8 (B+M+S)/3
Damage Multiplier : 5 (5 + Levels of Massive Damage)
For Damage: (Weapon Attribute x Damage Multiplier) + ACV
Init: 7

HP: 40/40 [Body + Soul] x5 -15
EP: 55/55 [Mind + Soul] x5 + Energy Bonus
Shock Value:11 Max HP / 5

ATTRIBUTES: [164 pnts]

Name Level Cost Points
— -— -—-
Superspeed 1 x12 12

Special Defense 2 x2 4
-Immune to Deafening

Damage Absorbption 2 x10 20
-Absorb up to 10 points of Lightning

Special Movement 2 x2 4

Defense Combat Mastery 3 x10 30
-Increased speed makes her hard to hit

Divine Relationship 3 x2 6

Features 3 x1 3
-Weather Sense (1)
-Can tell when a Storm is coming
-Cute (1)
-Really Cute (1)

Heightened Senses 3 x2 6

Supersense 2 x2 4
-Synesthesia - - -

Wealth 2 x5 10

Shocking Grasp
Weapon 5 x2 10
Stun 1 x1 1
Penetrating 3 x1 3

Cottage - ITEM
Door - x.5 21
-Is a patch on her hat when not in use
-Invisibility 2 x6 12
-Object, Minor -2
Vanishes from current loc when
dimension is in use.
Dimensional Portal 2 x8 16
-Current Loc to: Cottage
-Cottage to: Current Loc
Pocket Dimension 4 x4 16+1
-Features (Luxurous Decor)
-Fluffy Bed & Bath
-Lots and lots of pillows.
-Pantry for food.
-Really really girly.

Folding Boat
Boat - x.5 9
-Water Speed 4 X4 16
-Features 2 x1 2
-Commanded by voice
-Luxurous Decor
-is a patch on her hat when not in use
-Is a decent size, could hold 4-6 people.

Fancy Hat 7
Hat - x.5 4
-Features 3 x1 3
Search Light
Connects to Cottage
Can reach in and get what you want
-Flight 1 x8 8
Glide Restrict -1
-Effectively a parachute hat

Sensory Burst
-Weapon 3 3 x2 6
-Range2 2 x1 2
-[Burst Slot]

Power Flux (Minor) 3 x5 15
(12 Flux Points)
Sensory Burst Slot

Primary: Fire - A ball of fire bursts foward - 20dmg
Area 2 (3m Radius)
Penetrating 4 (16 Armor ignored)
Continuing 2 (Burns for 2 rounds)
Flare (Sight) 2 (TN14 Body to avoid blinding)

Primary: Earth - the ground underneath them flings them into the air. - 23dmg
Incapacitating 1 (TN9 to avoid 1-round KO)
Accurate 3 (+3 ACV)
Penetrating 4 (16 armor Ignored)

Primary: Water - a burst of water slams into the target from above or the side - 20dmg
Drain 2 (Body) - 2 Body drained with each hit
Spread 3 - -3 DCV on target, can hit 4 adjacent targets

Primary: Air - Storm hits a large area, deafens & makes things difficult - 20dmg
Area 4 (30m radius)
Flare 3 Hearing: TN15 to avoid Deafening
Irritant 2 (Body TN12 to avoid penalty of -2 to everything)

Primary: Positive - beams of light shoot up from the ground, healing those they envelop
Targets: 2 (Up to 10)
Healing: 4 (Up to 30hp)
Detectable: -2: Beams of Light, Chant

Primary: Negative - black tornados of miasma sweep through, draining everything - 25dmg
Weapon: +1
Area: 4 (30m Radius)
Drain Body: 3
Drain Soul: 3

Fire+Earth: Magma - 25dmg
Weapon +1
Tangle 3 (15 Cold damage to free)
Spreading 2 (-2 to DEF, can hit adjacent targets)

Earth+Water: Ooze
Irritant 3 (TN15 or -3 to everything for as many rounds as you failed the roll by) - 20dmg
Spreading 3 (-2 DEF, can hit adjacent targets)
Stun (Stun damage cannot kill)
Penetrating 2 (Ignores 8 Armor)

Fire+Air: Smoke - nondamaging acrid smoke floods from the point she throws the smoke bomb N/A Damage
Area 3 (10m radius)
Flare 3 (Sight) (TN15)
Flare 3 (Smell) (TN15)

Air+Water: Ice - Cold gas coils around the feet and legs, she blasts it with a beam to freeze it - 20dmg
Tangle 3 (15 Damage to free)
Penetrating 2 (Ignores 8 armor)
Drain 2 Body

Posi+Earth: Mineral - Gem Shotgun from her hands -20dmg
Autofire - +1 Hit for every 3 above the DCV
Spreading 1 - -1 to DEF rolls, hit adjacent targets
Ranged Attack - 3 - +3 Ranged ACV
Detectable -1 - Gems are brightly colored, makes a loud bang

Posi+Air: Lightning - a near-instant blast of lightning, the sound and sight blinding & deafening people.- 28dmg
Weapon +1
Accuracy 3 (+3 to hit)
Flare 1 (Sight) (TN13 or blinded)
Flare 2 (Sound) (TN 14 or deafened)
Combat Tech: Critical Strike

Posi+Fire: Radiance - A glass prism forms in her hand, before throwing it, causing a brilliant burst of light that boils & blinds. - 20dmg
Flare 3 Sight (TN15 or blinded)
Area 3
Penetrating 2

Posi+Water: Steam - Steam hisses out from underneath the target, scalding them 25dmg
Weapon +1
Penetrating 4

Nega+Earth: Dust - a cloud of dust swirls atop the caster, dissolving it's way through armor and blinding them -20dmg
Spreading 2
Penetrate 2
Flare 2 Sight

Nega+Air: Vacumn - the air around them is sucked away, asphyxiating them before it floods back in in one massive crush -30dmg
Weapon +2
Indirect 3 (No LoS needed, can be used at any range)

Nega+Fire: Ash - a cloud of ash rains down on the target, sucking the heat out and blinding them -20dmg
Spreading 2
Drain Body 2
Flare 2 Sight

Nega+Water: Salt - clumps of salt fire foward, impacting on the target and decesscating them. -20dmg
Autofire 3
Irritant 2
Spreading 1


Magical Sensate: Lightning Body!
Superspeed 1

Lightning Form II: Dance!
Melee or Ranged DCV +4

-ACV: 5
-DMG: (SupSpd Ranksx5)+5: 10 or 15]

SKILLS: [28 pnts]

Area Knowledge [M] 5 x1 8
(Inner Planes, Outer Planes, Gate-Towns)
Gaming [M or S] 2 x1 2
Gambling/Card Games
Medical [M] 1 x2 2
Performing Arts [Avg] 2 x1 2
Social Sciences [M] 2 x1 2
Urban Tracking [M] 4 x1 4
Wilderness Survival [M] 4 x1 4
Forest, Jungle
Wilderness Tracking [M] 4 x1 4
Forest, Jungle
An avid explorer, she picked up needed skills to survive
by herself from her parents, as well as some base tactics
to be a cager from the Sensate Society.

Name Level Points
- - -
Bane (Lightning Rods) 1 -3
Easily Distracted (New experiences) 2 -2
Not so Tough 3 -6

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