Harry Nguyen Winks

Winks grew up with his family ignoring him, his parents ignoring him, while he sat in his room with his Max Impact 2 poster on the wall, hoping one day to grow up to be just like his idol, Dirk Hardpec. He was only a kid when his parents divorced. His dad had worked for the corporations and after the divorce, tried to steal information, intending to sell it to the highest bidder. His mom was killed, and his father was sent to a high security prison. Winks found himself stuck in a dead end job as a Video Store Clerk for 10 years and even worked his way up to Assistant Manager, his only saving grace being his encyclopedic knowledge of bad action movies. One day, after finding himself in a profanity-filled stand-off with a customer who claimed that the Max Impact prequels were better than the original trilogy, he told his old bosses and coworkers to fuck off and effectively ended that chapter of his life. Jobless and with no other discernible skills to speak of, he took what little savings he had and put a down-payment on a new, used spaceship with the name Rocket Punch plastered on the side. Fueled by his addiction to B-level action movies, he determined to strike it out on his own as a pilot and captain.

Name: Harry Nguyen Winks
Position: Captain
Health: 2/3
Morale: 4/4

Stats & Skills

Intellect: 2

Logic +2
Rhetoric +2
Encyclopedia +2
Drama +3 (Item +1)
Conceptualization +2
Visual Calculus +4

Psyche: 4
Volition +4
Inland Empire +6 (Special Skill +1)
Empathy +4
Authority +7 (Item +1)
Suggestion +4
Esprit de Terra +4

Physique: 3
Physical Instrument +3
Electrochemistry +3
Endurance +3
Half Light +3
Pain Threshold +3
Shivers +3

Motorics: 3
Hand/Eye Coordination +5
Reaction Speed +2 (Item -1)
Perception +2 (Item -1)
Savoir Faire +3
Composure +3
Interfacing +3

Stiff Uniform(+1 Authority, -1 Reaction Speed)
Captain's Hat(+1 Drama, -1 Perception)

Hearing Voices
Sometimes you like to talk to yourself, because no one else gets you. Sometimes you get a response from someone else or something else. It's probably just your overactive imagination messing with you.

Effects: Roll a TN 14 Shivers or Inland Empire check at any time to talk to the world around you. Lose 1 Morale if you fail. There's no guarantee that the response you get from an inanimate object, animal, corpse or the air around you makes any sense or is in any way helpful.

The Thrill of Danger
Danger gets your blood pumping. The moment you realize that there's something on the line, especially your own skin, you can't help but dive in deeper.

Effects: If you lose a point of Health, gain +1 Morale and a re-roll on your next attempted roll. You can only bank one re-roll at a time.

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