Hess Logs


Finally secured the facility and bypassed the locks. Initial appearances of this ruin are of a deep cylinder of an unknown metallic material drilled into the earth. The upper chamber contains an array of equipment centred around what appears to be a large needle above a sealed vat, while initial analysis suggests the rest of the cylinder contains geothermal power stations. Sadly unlike Iktomi ruins, though they appear to be in working order.

DAY 10

Fabrication of a “shell” of labs around the structure is completed. In the meantime, we have begun analysis of the structure.

As suspected, the structure is almost certainly of TITAN origin.

Now that the shell is complete, we can move in and set up the operation proper. Michaelangelo has been tasked with investigating the depths of the facility, while my assistant Natalie and I investigate the device.

DAY 12


The needle and surrounding equipment seem to be designed to secrete a substance into the vat below its tip. We opened this vat and found a large amount of a white, fluid substance which appeared, upon initial analysis, to be a large nanoswarm. Natalie and Frank are beginning an in-depth analysis of the substance; if it is useful, we will try to interface with the generator.

DAY 13

Analysis suggests the white substance is computronium.

Interfacing with these systems is now our number one priority.

DAY 15

Natalie has become more on-edge than usual. Though she suffers no lack, she is convinced if something happens to her here Omnicor will make her start her contract over.

This is true, but I really wish she would focus on her work. I have offered her some of my yogurt, but she declined. I have thus fulfilled my minimum obligations to her.

DAY 17

Michaelangelo has written some very detailed reports. He has aimed them at our superiors in an unsubtle attempt to curry favour, but if this is what drives him to do such good work, I will allow it.

The lower depths of the facility so far appear to be some form of power plant, most likely relying on geothermal energy. Michaelangelo believes he has run into several antimatter storage units, though. Perhaps the antimatter powers the computronium generator?

DAY 23

While pondering our situation over yogurt today, I had a thought. What was the computronium for? Why leave it here? Did the TITANs finish with it? Perhaps Frank was right, and this is a low-quality experiment created shortly after the Fall. In that case, the TITANs would have since abandoned this place in favour of better technologies.

I have collected a large sample for some in-depth study. If we could replicate it… I can barely type. My fingers are shaking. My lab is disorganised but I'm not sure I want to pause to clean it.

DAY 28

Natalie reports Frank may be able to interface properly with the TITAN systems within the month. It is slow going. We don't want any exsurgents on our hands.

I can't believe this. I could compress all the storage space in my head and portable drives into a pinhead of this stuff. The question is, how to interface with it?

DAY 30

Computronium is, theoretically, easy to use. It's a computing substrate in liquid form. If I wanted to increase computing power I could simply “pour” more computronium on, and it would link up with the existing substrate.

Frank has volunteered to place a fork of himself in a case dipped in the substrate, which I will arrange in controlled conditions. He will attempt to interface with the computronium through physical contact. He has some reservations about using a simple fork – something about verisimilitude – but we are not risking Frank. This way, nothing can go wrong.

DAY 31

Frank tried to kill me.

Not alpha Frank, the fork. At first it reported a feeling of its mind expanding, then it lapsed into a deep trance. This, I assume, was the computronium establishing contact. Quite astounding. It was as though an interfacing framework had already been put in place inside the substrate.

Then the fork attempted to break free, kill me and access the facilities, which was unhelpful. Frank immediately terminated the fork. It rambled until death; some of the things it said were extremely strange. Video link

Perhaps I should be investigating what is already in the substance.

DAY 39

Where are my logs? I made several logs. They are not here. Deleted?

DAY 42

this isnt yogurt

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