(All this info is from the official DVD release, on the bonus disc! ^___^)

Name: Hex Terenti
Appearance: G-Man Classic. Black suit, black tie, white shirt, sunglasses. Seems to flip between extremes of emotion relatively easily, though generally anger or mania. Few people have seen his eyes; Yumi, Malaika and Sadaj are among the few who have.
Mecha: Slim and angular, with no rounded corners, but somehow still manages a relatively sleek appearance. No built-in weapons aside from being able to crush things with its fists, has a number of protrusions on the back that probably have some nebulous relation to its thrust system, but which mostly just look pretty neat. It's called the Loki, but it's unsure whether that's its particular name or just the model.
Archetype: Psycho
Role: Lone Wolf
First Appearance: Episode 1
Ratio Modifier: 1
Allegiance: The Crimson Corporation

New, Improved BESM Version!

Hex Terenti

Stats(180 points spent)
Body: 4
Mind: 5
Soul: 9

Attributes(180 points total, 180 points spent)
Attack Combat Mastery: 3rd Level(30 points) 10/Level "Trigger, handle or bare hands: I know how to kill with it."
Combat Technique: 9th level(Blind Shooting, Brutal * 2, Dead Eye, Extended Range, Lightning Reflexes, Portable Armoury, Precise Aim, Weapons Encyclopedia, 18 points) 2/Level "What good are you as an agent if you can't fight under any condition?"
Defense Combat Mastery: 1st Level(10 points) 10/Level
Heightened Awareness: 2/Level
Heightened Senses: 2nd level(Sight *2, 4 points, Body/Mind, +6 to Sight) 2/Level "My vision is augmented. The sunglasses are there to prevent me seeing through walls, skin and bones."
Massive Damage(Guns): 2nd level(8 points) 4/Level "Anyone can land a hit, those who are good can actually do some damage."
Massive Damage(Zeus Claw): 1st leve(4 points) 4/Level
Mind Shield: 3rd level(6 points,) 2/Level "I don't disobey orders, I don't deviate from a chosen course."
Organizational Ties: 3rd Level(Agent for the Crimson Corporation, 6 points, Soul) 2/Level
Power Flux(Creation of Guns): 5th Level(20 points/item, Soul) 5/Level "I don't CREATE them, I just summon them from the nearest Crimson armoury. Quartermasters HATE me."
Sixth Sense: 1st level(?????, 2 points, Soul) 2/Level "I could tell you what I see, but then I'd have to kill you."
Skill(Burglary): 1st Level (2 Points) 2/Level
Skill(Climbing): 1st Level (2 Points) 2/Level
Skill(Demolitions): 1st Level (1 Points) 1/Level
Skill(Law): 1st Level (1 Points) 1/Level
Skill(Piloting): 1st Level (2 Points) 2/Level
Skill(Stealth): 1st Level (3 Points) 3/Level
Skill(Wilderness Tracking): 1st Level (1 Point) 1/Level
Special Movement: 3rd Level(Balance, Catlike, Untrackable, 6 points, Body)2/Level "We once had an agent who could track a target across endless wastes, put a bullet in their head from a mile away and do it all unseen. Then on the way home he fell off a log and broke his neck."
Teleport: 2nd level(100 Meters, 20 points, Mind) 10/Level "I don't NEED to toy with my victims, but I do it anyway."
Tough: 2st Level (4 Points) 2/Level
Weapon(Zeus Claw): 10th Level(Insidious +5, Ammo -2(2 shots), 16 points, Stun +1) 2/Level "Why travel if you're not going to pick up a few souvenirs?"

Power Flux Armoury(Max 20 points):
Weapon(Mjolnir Pistol): 6th Level(Item /2, Penetrating +2, Piercing +4, Range +2, 10 points) 2/Level
Weapon(Light Machine Gun): 5th Level(Item /2, Autofire +3, Range +3, 8 points) 2/Level
Weapon(Rocket Launcher): 12th Level(Item /2, Area +2, Penetrating +1, Range +2, 16 points)
Weapon(Energy Rifle): 6th Level(Item /2, Range +4, Penetrating+4, 10 points)
Weapon(Assault Rifle): 4th Level(Autofire +3, Range +3, 7 points)

Derived Stuff
Base Combat Value: 18/3 = 6
Attack Combat Value: 6 + 3 = 9
Defense Combat Value: 6 + 1 = 7
Initiative Bonus: 6+3 = 9

Damage Multiplier: 5
Damage Multiplier(Guns): 7

Health: (13 * 5) + 10 = 75

Blind Fury: ?????(-4)
Skeleton in the Closet: ?????(-6)


Stats(100 Points Spent)
Body: 10
Mind: 5(From Hex)
Soul: 9(From Hex)

Attributes(350 points total, 349 points spent)
Attack Combat Mastery: 3rd Level(30 points) 10/Level
Armour: 5th Level(10 points, 10 Armour) 2/Level
Combat Technique: 5th level(Brutal * 2, Lightning Reflexes, Portable Armoury, 8 points) 2/Level
Defense Combat Mastery: 5th Level(50 points) 10/Level "The good part about thrust vectoring is that I can change directions in a split-second to avoid incoming fire or punch someone from a direction they didn't expect, the bad part is that I need to keep sick bags in the cockpit."
?????: 2nd Level (?????) 15/level "Speed is the only thing that has EVER mattered in a fight."
Feature(Technological): 2nd level (Ejection Seat, Fast Acceleration, 2 points)
Flight: 5th Level(1000kph, 40 points) 8/Level
Heightened Senses: 2nd level(Sight *2, Radar *2, 8 points, Body/Mind, +6 to Sight) 2/Level
Invisibility: 1st level(Radar, 6 points) "Someone who doesn't see me coming can't maneuver to dodge my attacks."
Massive Damage(All): 2nd Level(20 points) 10/Level
Mind Shield: 3rd level(6 points) 2/Level
Organizational Ties: 3rd Level(Agent for the Crimson Corporation, 6 points, Soul) 2/Level
Power Flux(Creation of Guns): 6th Level(24 points/item, Soul, 35 Points) 5/Level
Sixth Sense: 1st level(?????, 2 points, Soul) 2/Level
Spaceflight: 5th Level(10 points spent, 1.000.000 kph) 2/Level "Speed is even more vital in space, there's rarely any cover and if you're moving too slowly, or in a straight line, someone can pick you off from across the system if they've got the right weapons for it."
Teleport: 5th level(100km Meters, 50 points, Mind) 10/Level
Weapon(Gate Barrage!): 10th Level(Range +4, Area +6, Ammo -3(1 shot), Autofire +3, 30 points) "Requesting Omega-pattern barrage! Beams, missiles, flak, everything you've got! Saturate the area!"
Weapon(Zeus Claw): 5th Level(Insidious +10, 16 points, Stun +1) 2/Level "The trick to winning a fight is to make someone rely on their weak sides and making them unable to use their strong sides. Too many people think armour makes them invincible."

Power Flux Armoury(Max 28 points):
Weapon(Swarm Rocket Launcher): 10th Level(Item /2, Autofire +3, Area +4, Penetrating +2, Range +2, Selective +1, Indirect +3, 24 points)
Weapon(Beam Cannon): 8th Level(Item /2, Spreading +3, Range +4, Penetrating +2, 13 points)
Weapon(Grav-Hammer): 8th Level(Item /2, Stun +1, Reach +1, Piercing +4, Accurate +2, 12 points)
Weapon(Autocannon/Chaingun): 7th Level(Item /2, Autofire +3, Spreading +3, Range +3, 12 points)
Weapon(Beam Blade): 8th Level(Item /2, Reach +1, Penetrating +4, Piercing +1, Accurate +2, 12 points)

Derived Stuff
Base Combat Value: 8
Attack Combat Value: 8 + 3 = 11
Defense Combat Value: 8 + 5 = 13
Initiative Bonus: 8+3 = 11

Damage Multiplier: 7

Health: 19 * 5 = 95

Old Trigger Discipline Version!

Fanbase: 3/3
Gar Charge: 0/2
Plot Armor: 4/4
Gar: 3
Power(Mecha/Training): 4


Punch!(Ordinary trait. Just for punching someone, or otherwise roughing them up in melee. Works in person or in a mech.): 3

Gunnery(Ordinary trait. Shoots guns, lasers, rockets, etc.): 3
"One shot, one kill is for people who lack ambition."

I'm faster than you because the plot needs me to be.(Limit +2. Hex knows how to step "off stage" and handily re-appear where he needs to be, often in the path of someone running from him.): 3(rank)+2=5
"Going somewhere?"

Unrefuseable Offer(Limit+1. Hex knows where your family lives, and he'll remind you. Works for intimidating people.): 3(rank)+1=4
"Oh no, I'm not threatening YOU. I'm threatening your family, gets more results."

"Gungnir" Plasma Lance(Limit +3. Essentially a mecha-sized welding torch packed with explosives. Works as an explosive javelin or a massive polearm.): 2(rank)+3=5
"Explosions in space are a beautiful thing, especially when there's someone you hate at the heart of them."

Weapons Delivery(Limit+1. Calls in an air drop or a gate drop of weaponry. If it's a gate drop it's usually marked to warp back after a few shots.): 3(rank)+1=4
"It's like Christmas in space, time to open my packages."

Unshakeable Style(The Suit does not get dirty. It's dire straits if something happens to his sunglasses.): No Ranks(counts as 2 or something, though)
"You never know when there's going to be an inspection."

Augmented Vision(Limit+1. Well, it is. Lets Hex see normally despite wearing sunglasses, also lets him spot things others might miss.): 3(rank)+1=4
"My vision is augmented, so yes, I can look cool in the middle of the night, too."

Thrust Vectoring.(Ordinary trait. Hex's mecha is capable of directing its thrust streams in just about any direction except for directly forwards, helps him not get hit by things.): 3[2]

"Mjolnir" Experimental Pistol Round(Limit+2. It was planned to be really high-powered, to let one man take out a tank. It worked, but unfortunately it also took out his arm, and his collarbone, and most of his ribcage, and they didn't find his arm or the pistol till a few weeks later. Reworked to just produce a massive jet of gas which, if aimed at the ground or to the side, lets the user perform impressive leaps or rapid dodging.): 3(rank)+1=4

Gjallarhorn Railgun(Limit +3. One-shot over-the-shoulder railgun, looks like a crumpled-up tin can after discharging its single attack. Note: The Gjallarhorn is the on-foot version of the Gungnir, both will always have the same rank and be subject to the Limit+3 disadvantage that they can, at most, be used once every second episode. That is to say, as the Gungnir was used in Episode 1, neither can be used again until Episode 3.): 2(rank)+3=5
"Two crimes in one handy packet: Murder AND littering."

Gate Barrage(Limit +3. Summon a barrage from the Sleipnir and/or its support ships through a subspace gate.): 1(rank)+3: 4
"All warships, prepare for gate barrage! Nova pattern!"

Crystal Matrix Hypercapacitor(Limit+2. Classified.): 1(rank)+2: 3
"This? Oh, it just bakes you from the inside out. I like my opponents well done."


Raised, educated and trained by the Crimson Corporation. Might be an orphan, might be a clone, might just be a kid of an employee, doesn't really know, doesn't really care. Hex's background is mostly unknown, but considering that he seems to enjoy killing to some extent, it's probably not unreasonable to imagine that's generally what he's been employed to do since he was old enough to hold a gun. Being given a giant robot to do it with is probably his equivalent of a promotion. It's unknown why he's with the Bifrost, but the local Templars seem to accept it, and he claims it's because the Bifrost is dealing with things in the Tarsis system that might be damaging to the Crimson Corporation's interests there.

As horrible as his job might seem to others, Hex honestly enjoys it, and is not afraid to show it.

Hex appears to loathe Silvers, and though he claims it's entirely on an ideological basis, Nasir suggested in Episode 2 that he might have some former association with them that has caused him to hate them utterly.

Wicked Sweet Kills:

Episode One: Aztec Priestess in Power Armour(Annihilated with Beam Cannon)
Episode Two(Part One): Hermes(Stabbed in the eye with a steel bar)[1]
Episode Two(Part Three): Zeus(Hex was instrumental in allowing Malaika to deliver the final blow, and delivered considerable damage to the Zeus before-hand)

[Scrapped Traits/Potential Traits]


  • It's speculated Hex has beautiful eyes.
  • It's also speculated Hex has a fetish for sunglasses.
1. Hermes was a Silver! And OMG IT WAS SO COOL THE WAY HEX CALLED HIM OUT!!!!
2. In the first episode, Hex used the Loki's thrust streams as a makeshift flamethrower against the giant serpent.
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