Kobold Druid 5/Thief 5 (24000xp)
True Neutral
Description: Resembling nothing so much as a cute puppy wearing leather armor and a "stylish" hat, Hodekin uses his puppy dog eyes to distract people while relieving them of their possessions. While he is a proficient thief, he is most at home in the wilderness, setting snares that will fit into the surroundings and turning Karin's forest into a giant deathtrap alongside his people. He most often calls upon his powers over nature to help him hide while watching intruders.


STR 13
DEX 19 (Missile attack +3, AC adjustment -4)
CON 8 (System Shock 60%, Resurrection Survival 65%)
WIS 14 (2 bonus level 1 spells)
CHA 15 (7 henchmen, +3 loyalty, +3 reaction adjust)

Saves vs - Paralyze/Poison: 9;; Wand: 12;; Petrify/Polymorph: 11;; Breath Weapon: 15;; Spell: 13

29/35 HP; AC 5; THAC0 18

Scimitar "Dink" +0, 1d8 sm 1d8 l, speed 4, +1 AC, 8 charges (recharges ever 2 weeks) summon monsters (1 charge per spell level, 1 spell level /2 character levels). May expend 1 charge per HD to control summoned creature. Identify destination of any portal.
Summon Monster I: Summon Monster I
Summon Monster II: Summon Monster II

(Flame Blade) +0, 1d4+4 damage (+2 if target is weak to fire/undead, -2 if target is protected from fire)
Sling +3, 1d4+1 sm 1d6+1 l, speed 6, Short range 40, Medium Range 80, Long Range 160

(backstab x3 modifier)

Special Abilities:
Hodekin can cast Priest spells from the following Spheres: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, and Weather (major) and Divination (minor).
Hodekin gets a +2 bonus on saves vs fire and electric attacks.
Hodekin can identify plants and animals with perfect accuracy.
Hodekin can pass through overgrown areas without leaving a trail and at her normal movement rate.


Pick Pockets 60%
Open Locks 30%
Find/Remove Traps 95%
Move Silently 70%
Hide in Shadows 70%
Detect Noise 15%
Climb Walls 65%
Read Language 0%

Proficiencies and languages:
Hodekin speaks Common, Druidic, Kobold, Treant, Sprite, Flower Language.
Hodekin is proficient in the use of Clubs, Slings, and Staves.
Hodekin has skill in Trapmaking, Rope Use, Seamanship, Set Snares +1.

Spells prepared:
level 1 - 5; level 2 - 3; level 3 - 1
Cure Light Wounds x3, Entangle, Puffball; Goodberry x3; Snare

Equipment: Hodekin has a bag full of goodberries (0). He also carries around the equipment needed to disable or craft traps, including a shovel of speedy digging, some crossbows and quarrels, and a variety of (natural) poisons. - (5x: Ingested, Onset 2-12 minutes, 30/15 result; 5x: Contact, Onset 2-8 minutes, 10/0)

IRON BALL OF BILARRO: no command word known?
Ioun stone of wisdom: +1 wisdom

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