Hole to Pole ratio

Originally thought to be pointless "technobabble", the term has been used several times in the director's commentary. Details are never given, but it's implied that the group works better as a whole when the "ratio is optimal". Apparently certain crew members contribute a different value to the ratio.

*Malaika and Yumi seem to be exceptions to the rule in that their values contribute to the other half of the ratio.


Fans speculate that the ratio may relate to some kind of Chaakan "rule of threes", as the ideal ratio is said to be 3:1, with either Malaika or Yumi being grouped with any number of the other crew members, provided they come up to a sum of "3". This is largely unsubstantiated, however, as Hex isn't actually Chaakan.

Yumi's contribution to the ratio has been implied to be variable on at least one occasion in the commentary, though it may have been a joke as it was quickly followed by laughter from the rest of the commentators. This may be related to her abilities' variable nature.

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