Houses of Terallon

Violet: House Korin
Scholars, strategists, administrators. Reliable and even-tempered, they know the rules, thrive by order, and pay attention to distinctions. Knowing that power is defined firstly by ability, they strive for knowledge, analyzing the world around them.

Ochre: House Orath.
Warriors, tinkerers, explorers. Hot-blooded and high-energy, they motivate others, lead by example, and are often troublemakers. Knowing that only the will to act makes a difference, they tend to carve their own path, altering the world around them.

Teal : House Mykril
Diplomats, socialites, organizers. Empathetic and savvy, they are cunning, adaptable, and easy to like. Knowing that society is made of individuals, they tend to fit in with the world around them.

House Korin lives in a well-fortified dungeon a few levels below the classes and halls of the main campus with many well-done security measures and a wealth of resources inside. The halls are functional and appealing, and they sleep in gender-segregated rooms in groups. The Violet Castle gives it's members security, a convenient location to operate from, and plenty of magical resources. Perhaps that is why House Violet is still the dominant house in Terallon among the administration.

House Orath lives in a giant moving crab with a motley collection of rugged buildings and strange rooms up top. The crab moves around campus weekly, often to places that are inconvenient to get to or operate from, like the underside of the island or halfway up a building. House Ochre upperclassmen like to consider the crab's movements a simple challenge for new members. The crab, for it's part, seems to respect the higher students of house Ochre and the professors that are patrons of the house, but picks it's own path, seemingly not under anyone's command.

House Mykril lives in one of the tallest and largest towers besides the professors and administration. It's well-established that you can't find the entrance to the tower without being escorted by a House Mykril member. The tower hosts all of the school's most famous gatherings and dances, and has private suites for Mykril members. However, the tower is a far walk away from most of the classes and study halls.

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