Real Name: Hudson
Association: EuroCorp
Party: Shares a house with Owens and recently Myrmidon in London, one of Team Beta's two tactical officers.

First encountered when he was victimized by Ghost who switched on her active-camo augmentation and proceeded to beat him up while invisible.

Hudson lives practically across the street from Paladin Team Beta, little is known about him except that he seems more forgiving than Owen and appears to be somewhat of an anime enthusiast(as evidenced by the midget-sized anime statues just inside the door of his house.). Also appears to have some degree of medical knowledge as he extracted a bullet from Ghost without cutting her important bits out.


While Owens did not survive the war on Earth against the Coalition, Hudson did, going on to become a somewhat famous commander of UNF capital ships. He was in command of the UNFD Thames during Operation Eagle Dive(at least until London took the ship over) and is now in charge of the UNFJ Behemoth along with Paris. Has been kept alive across the last 300 years or so by a twisted form of cloning wherein his head and brain are manually revived with nanotech assemblers, while the rest of his body simply replaced by a cloned copy. Supposedly extremely gross, highly unpleasant and leaves you feeling like your head isn't properly attached for a few weeks.

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