Human Gear
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Improvised melee weapons generally count as Knives or Clubs(depending on whether they're blunt or sharp), unless a successful Tech Redemption(Craft) roll is made. Depending on the success and the materials to hand, the stats of the weapon may be improved.

Name Roll Goal DMG STR Size
Knife Dex+Melee - 3 1 S
Club Str+Melee - 4 2 L
Improvised Axe Str+Melee -1 6 5 L
Lock Shocker Str+Melee -2 5/10* 4 L
Blast Wrench Str+Melee -1 4/10* 4 L

*When fully charged, the Lock Shocker does 10 damage, on the two subsequent attacks before it runs out of power, it does 5 damage.
**On a charged strike, the Blast Wrench does 10 damage as it massively electrocutes the target. The Blast Wrench can handle two such strikes before it needs recharging, and normal whacks do 4 damage.


Name Roll Goal DMG Shots Rate Size
COP Derringer(.357) Dex+Shoot -2 5 4 2 XS
Improvised Heat Ray Dex+Shoot -1 6 2 1 L
AK-47 Dex+Shoot 0 7 30 3(A) M
RPG(HE) Dex+Shoot +1 18 1 1 L
RPG(HEAT) Dex+Shoot +1 13* 1 1 L

*HEAT warheads halve armor when calculating damage.


Name Defense STR DEX Vigor
Suicide Vest Why Are You Wearing This
Gargoyle Leather 2 - - -
Improvised Plate 6 -1 -1 -1
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