Hussain Raphael Greer Qing

Hussain Raphael Greer Qing

Age: 19
Height: 177cm
Weight: 73kg
Gender: Male
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Description: Hussain Raphael Greer Qing is a curious mix of many races, part Scottish, part French, part Turkish and part Chinese. He is of average build, has thick, black hair and no facial hair worth mentioning.
Background: Hussain Raphael Greer Qing [Hussain to his friends. Or Raphael. Or Greer. Or Qing.] was born on the cargo hauler Vehemoth and spent most of his life there. The Vehemoth is an ancient vessel which was renovated, repaired and repurposed so many times that properly identifying it is impossible. Ran by Hussain's father, Captain Consus Anupam Brian Benjamin, and his motley crew the Vehemoth was a weird environment for a young boy to grow up in - 0g 95% of the time as there was no artificial gravity system, with no entertainment other than practicing free-fall combat with the Jamaican-Japanese Navigator, learning how to pilot ships, and listening to songs sang in a dozen different languages.

It's that weird upbringing that made Greer the man he is now - cheerful and patient, with a knack for languages and excellent reflexes.



Body 7
Mind 4
Soul 4

Derived Values

ACV1 6 // -
DCV2 6 - //
DM3 5
HP4 55
EP5 40
SV6 11

Attributes, Skills, and Defects

Attribute Level Effect
Attack Combat Mastery 1 +1 ACV
Defense Combat Mastery 1 +1 DCV
Ranged Attack (Primaries) 1 +1 ACV with Primaries
Ranged Defense (Primaries) 1 +1 DCV against Primaries
Ranged Defense (Missiles) 1 +1 DCV against Missiles
Heightened Awareness 1 He is usually very alert and receives abonus on Stat rolls [+1/lvl] to notice nearby hidden things, such as concealed objects, ambushes, or anything else related to sensory awareness.
Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes) 1 Each time this technique is selected, the character gains a significant (+3) bonus to all his or her Initiative rolls.
Combat Technique (Far Shot) 1 When using a ranged attack, reduce the total penalties associated with firing a weapon at medium or long range by one grade — a slight (-1) penalty is ignored and all significant (-3) penalties become slight (-1) penalties
Combat Technique (Dead Eye) 1 All penalties are reduced by one grade — a slight (-1) penalty is ignored; all significant (-3) penalties become slight (-1) penalties, and so on.
Space Judo! 2 Weapon w/ lvl4 Blight in 0g, lvl1 blight in normal gravity, Undetectable, Exclusive: Humanoids. Forget up and down. When we're talking free-fall combat, the central rule is haragei.
Skill Level Relevant Stat Stat
Languages (English, French, Chinese, Vasudan) 3 Mind 4
Foreign Culture (Vasudan) 1 Mind 4
Navigation 3 Mind 4


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