Hypnos Chip

EuroCorp's crowning achievement was the Hypnos Chip. A groundbreaking piece of cybernetic hardware, capable of interfacing with 99.999% of all humans with minimal surgical intervention. It's roughly the size of a domino piece, as thick as a playing card and resistant to just about any sort of mistreatment short of intentional removal. It's placed on the nape of the neck, just past the skull.

Estimates are that about 90% of all citizens in EuroCorp-held areas are "chipped,"[1] though these figures drop in the countryside and rise in urban areas.

The chip has two main functions. Firstly it functions as a GPS tracking device, leaving local authorities in no doubt where a given citizen is at any time, as well as giving them a brief readout on important vital signs to assess if the citizen needs medical intervention. Secondly, for Class C and Class D citizens, it puts them into a trancelike state. For Class C citizens, the world is brighter, nicer and more pleasant. Anything that would distract or disturb them, like unpleasant messages, violence, bad weather or poor people is simply edited out. For Class D citizens, it edits out most of reality and also inhibits most of their higher thought patterns. For all intents and purposes they are zombies, puppeteered by local AI for heavy manual and factory labour that doesn't require any sort of extensive thought the machines can't manage. Generally the property of local authorities, they are nonetheless rented out to private businesses on occasion.

For secondary functions, the chip also plugs directly into the chipped person's bank account, paying for any purchases they make. It's also rumoured, though it has never been proven, that EuroCorp has the ability to "disable" any chipped person. The implications and exact effects of this are unknown.

It's not required by law to be chipped at birth, in most countries, but parents who want their children to remain unchipped are generally regarded with intense scrutiny, and public services like schooling or just plain paying for things may be unavailiable or extremely troublesome.

The red drug Anarchy apparently disables chips on ingestion or inhalation(if in vapor form).

See also: Citizen Classes

1. Ghost refers to these citizens as "Dreamers" rather than "chipped."
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