Information Clearance

Alpha-Seraphim: AI Council only, access to all information except the secure private files and sources of other Alpha-Seraphim.
Beta-Dominion: All AI Council members have at least this level of clearance, a few humans(mostly fleet commanders, potentially Hudson) also have this clearance, but they are rare.
Gamma-Virtue: Commander and planetary administrator levels of clearance. Probably also possessed by investigators and deep-cover covert ops like the Mantis Operatives.
Delta-Archangel: Common level of clearance for ship's captains(like Paladin).
Epsilon-Angel: Posessed by the Templars as well as the minimum level of clearance for all the augmented corps(ordinary Mantids, Myrmidons and Phalanx Troopers).
Zeta-Bishop: Basic clearance level for military personnel.

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