Inis Deathstalker

Basic Data

Name: Inis Deathstalker
Race: Aslani
Gender: Female-ish
Age: ??
Career: Created Spy, Ex-Star Marine, Adventure-Seeker. Also a Cat.


STRENGTH: +2(+1 aslani)
DEXTERITY: +1(-1 Aslani)
RANK: -1


Athletics (Endurance) 1
Computers 0
Deception 1
Gun combat (Slug Pistol) 1
Gunnery (turret) 1
Investigate 1
Language (anglic) 0
Leadership 1
Mechanic 1
Melee (Unarmed) 2
Persuade 1
Recon 1
Stealth 1
Tactics (military) 0
Vacc Suit 1
Zero-G 0


HP: 33

Armor: 12


7722 credits

Claw Coating
Claw Edging
Prehensile tail

Combat Environment Suit
-Tail Armor
-Claw Ports

Improved Boarding Vacc Suit
-Tail Armor
-Claw ports

Holographic personal hud tl11
-Linked Flechette pistol
-linked Gauss Pistol, Navy Model

Flechette Pistol
-unattached shoulder stock
-10x magazines

Gauss Pistol Navy Model
-unattached shoulder stock
-10x magazines


Disguise kit

tl10 Comm
-Glanglish translator 1

4x Restraints(handcuffs and the like)
2x mousebots

tl10 stunner and Poster Alien Souvenir for Catt


Waif: Catt The Human

Inis is a big gal, whose coloration has fled her body after leaving her agency and the various mimicry drugs they provided.

Inis is a created being, designed as a spy for various purposes. Unfortunately, an overzealous commander deployed her before she was fully prepared and Inis inadvertently discovered a dark secret of the agency, leading to her expulsion and hunting by her creators, and left in her possession a Hyperintelligent supercapybara.

Driven in an attempt to strike back at Her employers she attempted to join the local pirates, and failed the advanced astrogation exam. Without any idea of what to do, Inis turned to banditry, eventually saving a young(er) catt from other troubles, taking the waif under her wing.

After a particularly bad brush with illness on Catt's part, Inis joined the merchant marines, desperate to support the three of them. Her tenure there was blindingly boring, even though she joined as fleet security. Her employers had run afoul of local authorities and the squeeze required all hands on deck doing grunt work, and Inis learned how to be a mechanic, as well as training her body for endurance. Though after her contract was up she immediately joined the draft.

Drafted into the Glorious Star Marines! Catt and Capy could finally have to not worry about things being scarce anymore, and Inis found the excitement she craved. She took part of a campaign with daring boarding actions against the very pirate clan she attempted to join before, relishing the close combat and reveling in the joy of her natural instincts. Even a fake aslani is still an Aslani.

Showing a minor talent for Leadership and Tactics, she earned a commission which promptly landed her in a desk job and attending boring training symposiums like "Advance protective training" and "hazardous environment hostage rescue" and "Zero-G Ping-Pong Tournament". The instant her commission was up, she jumped out of the military and into our roving band of mercs.

Xp spent: 1
Computers >0

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