J Rudolph Hammerworth


J. Rudolph Hammerworth is an old grandpa who works on the boat.

Name: J. Rudolph Hammerworth
Vitality: 21/21
Wyrd: 2/7
XP: 325/349 (24 unspent)


Body Stats:
Strength: 6 (+1 melee damage)
Dexterity: 4
Endurance: 8

Mind Stats:
Wits: 4
Perception: 4
Tech: 9 [24 XP]

Spirit Stats:
Extrovert/Introvert: 1 / 5
Passion/Calm: 3 / 3
Faith/Ego: 1 / 3

Occult Stats:
Psi: 9 [99 XP]


Natural Skills:
Charm (Extrovert/Wits): 3
Dodge (Dexterity): 4
Fight (Dexterity/Strength): 4
Impress (Any): 3
Melee (Dexterity/Strength): 8
Observe (Primarily Perception): 3
Shoot (Dexterity): 5
Sneak (Wits/Dexterity/Calm): 3
Vigor (Dexterity/Strength/Endurance): 8 [26 XP]

Learned Skills:
Drive: Landcraft (Dexterity): 1
Drive: Watercraft (Dexterity): 1
Focus (Introvert): 1
Lockpicking (Dexterity/Tech): 1 [2 XP]
Remedy (Wits): 1
Science: Cybernetics (Wits/Tech): 4 [14 XP]
Science: Engineering (Wits/Tech): 4
Stoic Body (Calm): 4 [14 XP]
Stoic Mind (Calm): 1 [2 XP]
Survival (Wits): 1
Tech Redemption: Craft (Tech): 4 (Grease Monkey +2) [6 XP]
Tech Redemption: High-Tech (Tech): 4 (Grease Monkey +2) [14 XP]
Tech Redemption: Mech (Tech): 4 (Grease Monkey +2) [6 XP]
Tech Redemption: Think Machine (Tech): 2 (Grease Monkey +2) [4 XP]
Tech Redemption: Volt (Tech): 4 (Grease Monkey +2) [6 XP]


Innovative (+2 Tech when trying to invent something new)
Unyielding (+2 Endurance when pride is at stake)

Grease Monkey (+2 with all Tech Redemption skills)
Thrifty (+2 Wits in matters involving money, supplies or resources)

Psychic Awakening: +3 Psi, +2 Wyrd, 1 first-rank Psi power. Base Wyrd is equal to Introvert or Extrovert, whichever is greater.

Toughening (Soma 1, Introvert + Vigor, prolonged, 1W)
While this power is activated, the psychic may add 2 to his Endurance rating, plus another 1 per victory point. This does not add to Vitality, only Endurance.

Strengthening (Soma 2, Passion + Vigor, prolonged, 1W) [4 XP]
While this power is activated, the psychic may add 2 to his Strength rating, plus another 1 per victory point.

Quickening (Soma 3, Calm + Vigor, prolonged, 1W) [6 XP]
While this power is activated, the psychic may add 2 to his Dexterity rating, plus another 1 per victory point.

Vis Eye (Vis Craft 1, Perception + Focus, sight, temporary, 1W) [2 XP]
The psychic can sense the use of energy around him (a foe’s active energy shield, a laser sight trained on the psychic, a spy camera filming him) and discern the type of energy (electrical, fusion) and trace its source (although this may require a sustained roll if the source is well-hidden).

Vis Drain (Vis Craft 2, Passion + Volt Redemption, touch, temporary, 1W) [4 XP]
The psychic can drain or cut off the flow of the power to or from various items, such as fusion cells or a building’s power grid (this power is not transferred anywhere useful unless the character also uses the Vis Flow power, below). The amount of Wyrd points spent determines how much power can be drained from a source. The psychic can spend Wyrd to increase the duration to prolonged.

Wyrd Power
1 1 fusion cell
2 10 fusion cells; enough energy to power a small room or skimmer
3 Enough energy to power a building or flitter
4 Enough energy to power a city block or agora-based fusion generator
5 Small-class starship (explorer, escort, raider)
6 Mid-class starship (frigate, galliot, assault lander, freighter)
7 Capital class starship (cruiser, dreadnought, luxury liner)
8 Capital city
9 Starbase
10 Terraforming engine; Symbiot World Egg

Vis Flow (Vis Craft 3 + 4, Passion + Volt Redemption, touch, instant, 1W) [14 XP]
The psychic can channel incoming energy to charge fusion cells, flashlights or starship engines. He must touch the item to be charged and the source of energy (a sparking live wire, a fusion charging plug, a Symbiot giving its Lifeforce). Mild shocks will not harm the psychic while this power is active, but he is not immune to energy attacks or severe power surges. It is possible to use this power when being attacked by lasers, blasters or higher levels of Vis Craft, but regardless of success on channeling the energy, the psychic will suffer any damage normally. (If an energy shield is used to absorb the damage, it also absorbs the energy—the psychic cannot transfer this energy.)
Generally, the transfer is power to power: a blaster bolt will charge one use by a blaster on a fusion cell, but this may mean two uses by a laser. The gamemaster should compare the different uses for fusion cells and the total charges allowed per weapon, and be conservative in allowing too many uses from this power.
There is a level 4 version of this power which allows the psychic to transfer spiritual energies, such as Wyrd, Symbiot Lifeforce and even Soul Shards to his own Wyrd. However, only energy directed at the psychic—such as through a psychic or theurgic power—may be transferred. The psychic is not a vampire—he cannot walk up to someone, grab him, and transfer Wyrd points.
However, if the psychic is the recipient of the Laying on of Hands rite which heals two Vitality points, he could choose to channel these two points to his Wyrd rather than his Vitality.

Vis Shock (Vis Craft 4, Dexterity/Strength + Fight/Melee, touch, instant, 1W) [8 XP]
The psychic can transform her own bioelectrical field into a high voltage discharge with a hand-to-hand or melee attack. This normally adds four dice to any damage roll. However, a character can also attempt to slowly slip under shields and hit the target once his fist or weapon is past the shield (suffer –2 to Initiative, withhold victory dice and hope the damage does not exceed the shield’s impact threshold). Once the blow contacts a surface, the psychic can release the charge (four dice, ignore energy shields but not other armor).
The range on this power may not be increased.

Vis Shield (Vis Craft 5, Endurance + Stoic Body, self, special, 1W) [10 XP]
The psychic may use his own bioelectrical energy to erect a personal energy shield around himself. This acts similar a standard energy shield; it allows 10 hits per power activation and the protection rating is 5/10. In addition, the field fluctuates at need, so the character can wear any form of armor he desires without compromising the field. Note that this field does not interfere with the Vis Flow power (above); attacks absorbed by this power can be transferred elsewhere.

Vis Bolt (Vis Craft 6, Dexterity + Shoot, self, instant, 1W) [12 XP]
The psychic can project energy at a target from a distance. The damage is equal to Endurance plus victory dice, plus one die for each extra Wyrd point spent (max = Psi rating). In addition, this damage can bleed through energy shields on damage dice results of 1 or 2.

Vis Vortex (Vis Craft 7, Endurance + Vigor, touch, instant, 1W) [14 XP]
The psychic can generate power, which he can use to recharge fusion cells, power skimmers, etc. Use the chart given with the Vis Drain power, above, to determine the Wyrd point costs per power generated. The maximum amount of points the psychic may spend on Wyrd to generate power is equal to his Psi rating. The range and duration of this power may be increased normally.

Vis Storm (Vis Craft 8, Passion + Vigor, sight, instant, 1W) [16 XP]
The psychic can unleash an energy surge on an area from a distance. The base radius from the shock point is 10 meters, and anyone standing within this radius is affected. The radius may be increased by 5 meters per extra Wyrd point spent. The damage is equal to Endurance plus victory dice, plus one die for each extra Wyrd point spent (max = Psi rating). In addition, this damage can bleed through energy shields on damage dice results of 1 or 2.

Primal Vis (Vis Craft 9, Passion + Focus, sight, instant, 1W) [18 XP]
The psychic can tap into an invisible, universal spiritual power grid to replenish and/or add to his Wyrd points. This power may be used only once per span, but it can generate an amount of Wyrd equal to 1 plus the victory points gained on the activation roll. In times of dire need, however, the psychic may call on his Urge for aid: he gains an extra amount that span equal to his Urge rating. The psychic must roll to resist its awakening (Ego + Stoic Mind); failure means that the Urge is awake. Even if the psychic had no levels in Urge, he may elect to take one level to gain the Wyrd. Regardless, any Wyrd points replenished with the Urge’s aid are also tallied into the Dark Twin’s Wyrd pool with which it builds its psychic body (see level 4 Urge power Wyrd Drain).
Some Vis Crafters theorize that the source they are tapping into is a grid that encompasses all of space-time and was erected by the Anunnaki, and that it is this grid which powers devices like Philosophers Stones and jumpgates.


Plain Clothing
Waterproof Timepiece (…a watch)
Medpac (…a first aid kit)
Fusion Torch (…a flashlight)
Mech Tools: Wrenches, screwdrivers, hammer, and other tools necessary for handling most minor mechanical tasks.
Volt Tools: A soldering iron and solder, volt meter, wire cutters, wire, tape and other tools to aid in electrical repair work.
All-Terrain Vehicle
Laptop Computer
Pure ethanol (3 barrels)
IV stands and Cephirid medical monitoring equipment

Improvised Heat Ray: A shoulder-carried weapon about the size and shape of a rocket launcher. 1 of 3 built by Rudolph out of microwave ovens.
Lock Shocker v1.0: An ungainly lash-up of parts powered by two car batteries carried in a backpack. It can permanently disable a locking mechanism.
Gargoyle Leather: An ugly and barbaric suit made out of the skinned and cured hide of a bat monster. (2 Defense)
Heavy Drinker: A dual-function invention that can be used both as a water pump and as an industrial vacuum.
Banana Bot: A convenient drone robot that can be used for scouting. It looks a lot like a banana-dwelling spider. Equipped with magnetic climbing, item-carrying, camera feed, basic AI, and big power drills. It can fold its legs in to become more conveniently portable.
Hand of Sol: A multi-plug-in device made out of a severed robot hand. Created to give alien robots access to earth language. (Given to said robots!)
Arturian Translator: A handheld device the size of an old camcorder that translates Cephirid and Lepidopt glyphs. 1 of 3 built by Rudolph with Artur's help.
Blast Wrench: Liam's Cephirid wrench, combined with a Lock Shocker. Powered by one car battery carried in a backpack. Comes with insulated handle!
Dimensional Engine: A modified train with a dimensional portal in it connecting it to another identical portal in the Christopher Columbus' cargo bay.
Rusty Jack: A lepidopt robot sniper, repaired and reprogrammed by Rudolph! The new programming roughly follows Asimov's laws of robotics.
Fish Tank: A combination of aquarium and armored personnel carrier, made by Rudolph to transport wildlife from a lab so they wouldn't starve.
Solar Parasol: A heavy device on wheels that can project a wall of energy like an umbrella and filter out UV rays. Made from tech on Gamma Frontier.
Dummies: 7 robots frankensteined from the lepidopt drones of a crashed ship. They're clumsy and not terribly smart, but useful for simple labor.
Florida Man's Suit: A suit made from the leather of a fat alien alligator from Liberty's Cry, fitted for Liam. Smells funny, but it's fine. (2 Defense)

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