Jane Hancock
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Jane Hancock, 19, 5' 7".

Compulsive liar/thief, highschool dropout, waitress.
Frustrated with her mundane life, signed up to be frozen on impulse, assuming it wouldn't work, slightly hoping it would.
Either she gets to reboot her life or she has an interesting story, no loss.
Has a history of small crimes from her adolescence. Mostly small thefts and cheating people.
Never had many friends, people get tired of being lied to/stolen from quickly.
She filled that hole with animals, mostly strays and some wild animals.
Good at talking her way out of situations, lying, and has an affinity for animals.
Physically weak and frail, typically talks her way out of physical conflict, or runs from it.
Owns a gun, found in a random stolen bag. Has no idea what model it is, but was taught to use it by her brother.
Brother was a soldier, died overseas in combat. Brother didn't like her much, but tolerated her because she was family, and knew she wasn't objectively bad.
Jane spent a lot of time when she was young following her brother around, he occasionally defended her from victims of theft/cheating.

Looks like Audrey Hepburn with incredibly pale skin, too many freckles, red/orange hair, and a badly set broken nose.
Wears clothing typically worn by male greasers. it doesn't fit well, the sleeves of the leather jacket cover her hands, and the pants need to be rolled up.
Worn/scuffed black leather lace up boots, white undershirt with torn off sleeves, hair kept in messy ponytail.
Jacket is her brothers, everything else is stolen or bought from thrift stores.


Will 5
Dex 4
Int 4
Per 4
Con 1
Str 2

Life 20
End 9
Ess 28


Acrobatics 3 (3p)
Acting 6 (7p)
Guns(Pistols) 3 (3p)
Intimidation 2 (2p)
Lockpicking 5 (5p)
Smooth Talking 7 (9p)
Stealth 3 (3p)
Charisma 3 (3p)


Animal Friend
Swift Hands
Hard to Kill (1p)


Unstable Genetics

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