John "Johnny" Johnson

John "Johnny" Johnson

Not his real name.
Did jobs in the US for some non-disclosed eastern government or corporation, was under cover as a third rate actor/director for DTV movies. Abandoned his old allegiance upon seeing the neighbours' nice little girl get abducted by aliens and seeing nobody wanted to do anything about it, used and burned his old connections to join an XCom mercenary outfit.
Rather plain-looking and annoyingly generic "eurasian" mix. Looks Soviet to Americans, looks like he came from the country right to the East to every European, looks Chinese to Russians and looks Russian to the Chinese. Enjoys a small cult following due to often playing the mercenary bad guys in his movies, the peak of his career was a 5 seconds appearance in "The Expendables 2" as one of the expendable mooks that die in droves. (Nobody noticed three of the Bulgarian ecologist ringleaders that complained about environmental damages died of natural causes within a few days of him shooting his scene in Bulgaria.)
His new callsign became "Cameltdown" after an unfortunate incident in Morocco that might or might not have made the news, and may or may not relate to a gigantic explosion in the desert.


Strength: 3
Dexterity: 5+
Constitution: 3
Intelligence: 2
Willpower: 1
Perception: 1

Derived Stats:
Life Points: 34
Endurance Points: 26
Essence: 7


Acting (Willpower/Perception) : 1
Athletics (Strength/Dexterity) : 2
Brawling (Strength) : 2
Demolition (Intelligence) : 3
Dodge (Dexterity) : 5
Guns (Heavy, Dexterity/Intelligence) : 5
Guns (Pistol, Dexterity/Intelligence) : 3
Notice (Perception) : 3
Throwing (Strength/Dexterity) : 2
Tracking (Perception) : 1


Fast Reaction Time : +3 Initiative, +1 to resist any psionic effect that tries to terrify you.
Nerves of Steel : +4 to resist any effect that tries to terrify or control you(psionics, being on fire, etc.).
Pack Mule : Can carry three extra full reloads for any of their own weapons, or any of their teammates' weapons.


Punch : 1d4*Str [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
Kick : 1d4*Str+1 [blunt weapon ignores half armor and has no multiplier]
KMZ PKM 7.62mm Machine Gun : 1d8*5, Automatic
TsNIITochMash SPS Gyurza 9mm Pistol : 1d6*4, Armor Piercing
Defensive Grenades : 3, Ground Zero 2, General Effect 6, Range 10.


Amor as appropriate. (Class II for "discretion", IV for heavy action.)
Hearing Protection (-3 penalty to all hearing-related checks, but halves the Hearing penalty from being affected by a Flashbang.)


23/01/2018, Fallen Grave, 4 XP, spent on Pack Mule.
06/02/2018, Vengeful Prophet, 4 XP
20/02/2018, Demon Hydra, 4 XP, spent on dexterity (5) and notice 3 (3).

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