Jorus Ironlungs

Sir Jorus Ironlungs

Race: Human, Sembian
Gender: Male
Class/Level: Paladin 5
Experience/Needed: 30,000/36,000
Alignment: Lawful Good
Description: Jorus is an impressive height, over six and a half feet tall, with a prizefighter's build and broad shoulders. Vaguely Mediterranean or Latin in appearance, his dark hair is cut short and he keeps himself clean-shaven, often looking rather sarcastic or generally grouchy. His eyes are deep brown. Adventuring has given him numerous minor scars, and a childhood accident left him with a vertical one along his chin. He favors wearing heavy plate most of the time, an eccentricity made possible by his nearly monstrous strength. His armor is plain, high-quality steel with little ornamentation, worn with a green tabard cut in the fashion of a sleeveless priest's coat over the metal, covering his torso and extending to his waist in front, and beyond it in two tails in back, this vestment marked by the symbol of Torm on his chest. A sturdy bandoleer across his chest connects to a belt around his waist. His sword hangs from the back of the bandoleer, while various other pieces of equipment and weaponry are kept on his belt. The most notable of these include his holy symbol, a stout morningstar, and a powerful heavy crossbow. Also on his back, or safely kept with his temperamental steed, is a red-dyed sembian guitar, a treasured instrument for the stirring of the faithful. His helm is a domed greathelm with a slightly beaked front, usually rather dented. His shield, a mighty kite-shaped bastion of steel and wood, extends from shoulder to toe, emblazoned with the holy gauntlet of Torm with the bellows, his family crest, in its center. His sword is a blessed weapon, a well-forged bastard sword with a narrow, thick, sturdy blade that comes to a sharp point, seemingly made of unusually pale and reflective steel, almost white. The crossguard is shaped into a pair of wide-spread wings, the handle spiral-wrapped in rayskin for a good grip, and the pommel a heavy disc of metal. His Bonded Mount is Barotys, a large and temperamental one-horned rhinoceros, nearly as heavily armored as the Paladin himself in his plate barding. Sir Jorus has virtually no inside voice, his force of personality manifesting mostly as intense stubbornness and intimidating bellows, though he will give dramatic speeches at the drop of the proverbial hat. Borderline fanatic for Torm.


Str: 18/58 (+2 Hit Prob, +3 Damage adjustment, 160 Weight allow, 305 max press, 13 open doors, 25% bars/gates)
Dex: 15 (+0 Reaction Adjustment, +0 Missile Attack Adjustment, -1 Defensive Adjustment)
Con: 10 (0 HP adjust, 70% System Shock, 75% Ressurection Survival, Poison Save 0, Regeneration Nil
Int: 9 (2 Languages)
Wis: 13 (Magical Defense Adjust 0, Bonus Spells 1st, Chance of Spell Failure 0%, Spell Immunity Nil)
Cha: 17 (Max # of henchmen 10, Loyalty Base +6, Reaction Adjustment +6)

Saves - Paralyze/Poison/Death magic: 9; Rod/Staff/Wand: 11; Petrify/Polymorph: 10; Breath Weapon: 11; Spell: 12

HP: 50 of 50
AC: -1 (-2 vs missile weapons)
THAC0: 14
Attacks: 3/2 (with Expertise weapons)

Weapons and Attacks

1d8+1/1d10+1 P (Heavy Crossbow s10)*, 1d8+1/1d12+1 S (Longsword +1 s5), 2d4/1d6+1 B (Morning Star s7),
1d8+1/1d12+1 S (Bastard Sword One-Handed s6), 2d4+1/2d8+1 S (Bastard Sword Two-Handed s8),
1d8+1/3d6 (2x charging) P (Heavy Horse Lance s8)

*ignores 5 points of AC from armor, but not Dexterity or magic

Proficiencies and Languages

Languages: Common
Proficiencies: Large Swords, Bows, Lance, Expertise (Large Swords)*, Maces/Morning Stars,
Tower Shield Proficiency (gives -1 AC), Cavalcante (2 basic passes)
Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Ride [Horse] (Wis +3), Swimming (Strength), Heraldry (Int), Jousting, Religion (Wis),
Musical Instrument x2 [Sembian Guitar] (Dex), Seamanship (Dex+1)

*extra attack every other round

Other Abilities

Paladin Goodies: +2 to all saves (already factored in), Detect Evil Intent within 60' by concentrating for a round, Disease Immunity, Can heal 2hp per level once per day, Can turn/banish undead and fiends as though a Cleric of two levels lower, Can cure diseases once per day for each five levels, Aura of Protection: All evil or summoned creatures within 10' have -1 to hit

Cavalcante Secret Passes:
Agueira's Salute (Basic Pass), This attack is a crushing blow to the opponent's head. It gives a +2 bonus to
damage; the opponent must make a successful Constitution check at a -4 penalty or be stunned, automatically missing
his next attack.
Texeiran Trounce (Basic Pass), Swordsman attacks forcefully enough to knock foe off balance. Opponent must
make a successful Strength check at a -4 penalty or be thrown to the ground. His next initiative must be spent
picking himself up.

Secret Pass Exceptional Hits ("Attack must succeed by…"): Basic Pass 6 (5 rapier), Difficult Pass 7 (6 rapier), Master Stroke 8 (7 rapier), Death Move 9 (8 rapier)

Equipment and Money

Gear: Belt, Riding Boots, Breeches, Good Cloth Cloak, Gloves, tabard, tunic, Sword Scabbard + Mace Hanger, Backpack,
Belt Pouch large, Sembian Guitar, Holy Symbol of Torm, Signet Ring, Whetstone, Winter blanket, Tower Shield,
Field Plate, Great Helm, Map to Tormite Wreck in SoMI, Morning Star, Heavy Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow Bolts x60,
Bastard Sword of Torm +1*, 1884 gp, Snowshoes, Mittens, ice axe, snow blade, skis and poles, sun goggles,
Cold Weather Clothing, Arctic Coat, Heroic Tales for the Young: The Tale of Sir Gorgias, Heavy Horse Lance, 2x Divine Scroll of Rainbow

*Powers: Ignores ALL defensive magic on the target

Bonded Mount: Barotys, One-Horned Rhino
Stats: AC 1, MV 12, HP 64 (8 hd), THAC0 15, Attacks 1, Morale 11 (Steady), Intelligence 4 (Semi), Movement 12,
Damage 2d4 (double on charge, with two additional 2d4 attacks to creatures low enough to trample.)
Gear: Full Plate Barding, Saddle Bags (Large), Riding Saddle (Rhino-size), Saddlebags (Large), Saddle Blanket,
Bit & Bridle

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