Justice West

Character Name: Justice West
Rank/Archetype: 4th Rank Warrior
Origin: Back on the streets
Passion: Find the girl who beat up his original gang
Joss: 3 Xia, 1 Corrupt
Chi Aura: 2
Health: 17
Unspent Destiny: 2
Gained Destiny: 5

SPEED (Fire/Crimson Chi): 5

Initiative: 4
Dodge: 3
Melee: 5 (Sword)

PRESENCE (Earth/Gold Chi): 4

Confidence: 2
Inspire: 2
Persuade: 3

GENIUS (Metal/White Chi): 2

Medicine: 1
Politics: 1 (Street-level)

WU WEI (Water/Silver Chi): 2

Investigation: 1
Senses: 1
Stealth: 1

MIGHT (Wood/Jade Chi): 4

Athletics: 2
Climb: 2
Fight: 3
Hardiness: 2


Crossbow: Speed +5, Strike +15, Damage +10
Longsword: Speed +5, Strike +10, Damage +5
Nine-Ring Saber: Speed +5, Strike +5, Damage +10


Fast (4): Quality Reaction Time, +5 to Initiative and Athletics rolls where raw speed counts



1. Surefoot: 1 point of any Chi, cling to walls like a spider, climb at running speed, run on water, ignore falling damage, recover from being Downed in the next round by bouncing to his feet.

2. Run Like a Deer: 2 points of any chi, any attempts to cover ground by running are a free action. Can add +5 to any dodge rolls, but only if the maneuver is described each time, including any landscape features described by the Sage or the player.


1. Dragon Wind: 1 Jade Chi. Speed increases, Jade Chi modifier added to Initiative, Running Speed doubles, with sufficient success one can run on things that wouldn't normally support their weight. At Jade 3-4, can run on water or the tips of blades of grass. If at 5-6, can run on smoke or raindrops, at 7+, can run on air! Must be invoked at the beginning of the round.

2. Lashing Torrent: 2 Jade Chi. Extra attack at the end of the round, after everyone else's.


1. Eternal Hell: 1 point Crimson chi, must be activated before attack, if successful adds 2 dice to damage. If a Critical Success occurs, the ttack roll total can be applied as a Morale Attack to minion-level onlookers as it chars skin away.

2. Endless Catastrophe: 2 points Crimson chi, reduces opponent's defense dice by 1 for each point
of Jade Chi spent

3. Endless Destruction: 3 points Crimson chi, roll Melee with 3 bonus damage dice, creates an Area attack that hits everyone in a Hell's Disaster skill Level yard radius, centered on Justice West. Channel: Gold (every point spent extends the radius another 2 yards)


Large frame backpack (has a tall flag with his name on it, advertising his services)
Water skin and provisions
Set of scruffy clothes, tan
Light Armor (-5 damage), quilted jacket
Rain hat
Nine-Ring Saber
Quartz Fang Town City Enforcer Hat ( http://i116.photobucket.com/albums/o11/yhjow/tangofficial.jpg )


1/2 Kuan

BACKGROUND: Much of Justice West's life is relatively normal. Born to poor, fisherman parents, Justice West was given a righteous, upright name in the hopes that he would be a fine son and worthy man. Unfortunately, he squandered his natural abilities running with other teenage thugs, beating on the weak, committing petty theft, and acting as errand boys and thugs for the local serious crime lords. Justice West was his gang's enforcer and champion, as the only one who knew any actual Kung-Fu, and was quite proud of boasting about his skills until he was beaten to a bloody pulp by a girl who interrupted his gang's mugging of an old man. When he recovered, he tearfully bid his parents farewell, left his gang, and packed his meagre belongings, setting out on a quest to find the woman and apologize, working odd jobs along the way.

Note: Heaven's Thunder was his original kung-fu, his other style was learned from a starving old man Justice West met along the road, who taught him a mysterious and sinister style in exchange for food and lodging.

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