Kabri Dar
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A small, walled town built astride a narrow Ancalian mountain pass, hilly woods are on the south side, and the bleak mountains on the north side.


  • Cannot be found by unworthy foes: Unless lead by Eldritch, Uncreated, Godbound or similar exceptional enemies(or composed entirely of them), no one who bears Kabri Dar ill will can seem to locate it, and will end up wandering in circles, eventually getting lost if they don't give up. Undead enemies approaching from the north find themselves redirected to the Eater of the Dead's lair instead.
  • Healing Hotsprings: Created by divine miracles, the hot springs in the peaks around Kabri Dar have healing properties, curing poison and illness, and causing wounds to heal faster.
  • Replicating Room: This room will slowly create perfect copies of any mundane materials placed within it. Presumably, hopefully, it stops at some point.
  • Dragon's Lair: Narwa's new lair is excavated into a nearby mountainside. It'll eventually be host to her hoard, but for now it's just full of a lot of locked doors and the occasional secret passage and pit trap. The front doors are open, though, to invite wandering monsters to drop by and make a home of the place.
  • Fountain of Peace: Enchanted by the word of the Sun, the central plaza's fountain brings any visitors a feeling of ease and calm, the world doesn't seem so bad when you listen to the trickling waters, and it feels easier to open up to others and be honest.
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