Karin Yew

Level 6 Human Druid (30000xp)
Neutral alignment, worships nature (of course)
Description: Stands around 6' tall, a woman who wears plain brown and dark red clothing, and dyes her hair green to better blend into forest surroundings. Carries a club and a sling and wears wolf-hide armor.


STR 11 (weight allowance 40, Max Press 111, Open Doors 6, Bend Bars/lift Gates 2%)
CON 10 (System Shock 70%, Resurrection survival 75%)
INT 12 (3 proficiencies)
WIS 17 (+3 magical defense, 2 1st level spells, 1 2nd level spell, 0% spell failure)
CHA 15 (7 henchmen, +3 loyalty, +3 reaction adjust)

Saves vs - Paralyze/Poison: 9;; Wand: 13;; Petrify/Polymorph: 12;; Breath Weapon: 15;; Spell: 14

HP: 48/48 AC 2 (Ankheg Plate) THAC0: 18


Club +0, 1d6 sm 1d3 l, speed 4
Sling +0, 1d4+1 sm 1d6+1 l, speed 6, Short range 40, Medium Range 80, Long Range 160

Special Abilities
Spells: Karin can cast Priest spells from the following Spheres: All, Animal, Elemental, Healing, Plant, and Weather (major) and Divination (minor).
Karin gets a +2 bonus on saves vs fire and electric attacks.
Karin can identify plants and animals with perfect accuracy.
Karin can pass through overgrown areas without leaving a trail and at her normal movement rate.
Karin can heal flowers or cause them to bloom by touching them with her gloves. If it is a plant creature, this is treated as Cure Light Wounds and may be used 1/day.
Karin's gloves also allow her to use Plant Growth 1/day
Karin's gloves also allow her to call upon local vegetation for assistance(whether they be seeds or fully grown plants), 1/day. Results may vary, may not function in totally artificial/blighted areas.

Proficiencies and languages:
Karin speaks Common, Druidic, and Kobold, Sylvan, Treant, Sprite, and Pixie.
Karin is proficient in the use of Clubs, Slings, and Staves.
Karin has skill in Healing (WIS -2), Herbalism** (INT), and Survival (INT).

Spells prepared:
level 1 - 5; level 2 - 5; level 3 - 3
Cure Light Wounds, Locate Animal or Plant, Puffball, Create Water, Speak to Animals; Barkskin, Goodberry x2, Heat Metal, Trip; Summon Insects, Call Lightning, Spike Growth.
Goodberry is cast at some point during the day each day (assuming she finds fresh berries to cast it on)

She carries no equipment, but has a bag full of Goodberries: 0 (…) and whatever herbs she may need for her spells or healing injuries. Her gloves grant her some abilities, and these are listed under Special Abilities. She also carries a vial of Sweet Water, a memento from her grove. Fire Extinguisher. +1 ioun stone.

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