Kateryna Svitlana

Name: Kateryna Svitlana
Gender: Female
Race: Human(+1 Feat, 4 extra skill points at 1st level, +1 extra at every level past 1st)
Age: 21 years
Class/Level: Rogue/5
Appearance: Kat is an athletic young woman wearing a perpetually dusty gray jacket and baggy trousers. When the arms on her back are at rest, they're usually curled up into something that resembles metal pretzels. She also tends to have a pair of goggles shoved up on her forehead and an enthusiastic gleam in her eye.
Personality: As the leader(or so she fancies herself) of the Webspinner Dungeoneering Company, Kateryna is perpetually excited about delving into dungeons and finding cool stuff. If said cool stuff makes her rich? So much the better. She's not a great fighter, and sometimes her cockiness gets her in trouble, but she loves her job. When not at work, Kateryna tends to enjoy knitting, organizing and cleaning the ever-growing pile of shit(or valuable cultural artifacts, depending on who you are) that the Webspinners have clogged up their headquarters with and hanging out with the other three members of the company. She has also been known to use her extra arms to scale tall buildings and wave at the people on the upper floors just to freak them out.

Ability Scores/Basic Stats

Strength: 8(-1)/18(+4) when using Steampunk Quadarms, Steampunk Quadarms cannot be used for combat, only carrying, skill checks and roleplaying.
Dexterity: 16(+3)
Constitution: 12(+1)
Intelligence: 16(+3)
Wisdom: 10(+0)
Charisma: 12(+1)

HP: 25/25
BAB: +3
Melee BAB: +2
Melee BAB(Dagger): +6
Missile BAB: +6
AC: 10 + 3(stat) = 13

Fort: 10 + 1(class) + 1(stat) = 12
Will: 10 + 1(class) = 11
Ref: 10 + 4(class) + 3(stat) = 17


Appraise(Int, Class): 4 Ranks, +3 Stat = +7
Climb(Str, Class): 8 Ranks, +4 Stat = +12
Decipher Script(Int, Class): 2 Ranks, +3 Stat = +5
Disable Device(Dex, Class): 8 Ranks, +3 Stat = +11
Hide(Dex, Class): 8 Ranks, +3 Stat = +11
Knowledge, Dungeoneering(Int, Non-Class): 1 Ranks, +3 Stat = +4
Listen(Wis, Class): 4 Ranks, +0 Stat = +5
Move Silently(Dex, Class): 4 Ranks, +3 Stat = +7
Open Lock(Dex, Class): 8 Ranks, +3 Stat = +11
Search(Int, Class): 8 Ranks, +3 Stat = +11
Spot(Wis, Class): 8 Ranks, +0 Stat = +8
Use Rope(Dex, Class): 4 Ranks, +3 Stat = +7

68 Spent

1st level: 24 points
2nd through 5th: 44 points
Total to spend: 68 points


Evasion(Class Feat)
Uncanny Dodge(Class Feat)
Trapfinding(Class Feat)
Trapsense +1(Class Feat)
Sneak Attack +3d6(Class Feat)
Steampunk Quadarms(Special Feat: Kateryna has four steampunk arms protruding from her back, terminating in large, metal gauntlets. They can be used for carrying and climbing, but not for fighting, and are considerably stronger than Kateryna is. They're also about twice as long as her other limbs.)
Point Blank Shot
Rapid Reload(Light Crossbow)
Precise Shot
Weapon Finesse(Dagger)


Light Crossbow(1d8, 19-20, 2x)
Dagger(1d4, 19-20, 2x)
Gauntlets of Spider Silk(These gauntlets have no advantage besides being able to create rope from the palms. The rope is silk, sturdy and lasts for up to two hours before disappearing. It can also be easily severed from the gloves with a determined tug from the wearer. At will it can also create slightly sticky rope.)
Goggles of Dungeoneering(These goggles can, at will, give the wear True Seeing, 1/day for five minutes, Darkvision, 1/day for five hours, or project a Light spell from the panes of the goggles rather akin to a flashlight. They also have the unfortunate side-effect of making the wearer look kind of like a doofus when in front of the eyes, but they're a badass accessory when shoved up above the hairline.)

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