Katrin Blackstone

Katrin "RinRin" Blackstone

Female Tallfellow Halfling Thief 6 (35000 XP)
Chaotic Neutral Alignment, currently worships no one but is open to discussing mutually beneficial arrangements
Description: Katrin is fairly tall for a halfling, standing nearly four feet tall, and fairly slim, with an athletic build. She wears finely tailored but utilitarian clothes. She wears a dark purple sleeveles top, and a short black hooded vest over top of it. She has armbands on each upper arm to hold tools, and wears fingerless leather gloves and light bracers on her forearms. Around her waist are a pair of overlapped belts festooned with more pouches and holsters for tools, as well as a sling and bag of sling stones. Over one shoulder she has a scabbard for her sword, Fine Print, and over the other a belt for her pair of bags of holding. She wears comfortably loose pants that are cinched at about mid calf, and a short, tough leather skirt with additional pockets and pouches for the remainder of her tools. She generally goes barefoot. Katrin has long black hair she wears pulled back in a loose ponytail most of the time, though she also has a pink flower tucked into it. She has a fair complexion, and dark green eyes. Additionally, she has numerous silver earrings in both ears.

Katrin tends to be confident to point of cockiness, and certainly is not intimidated by the fact that most people tend to be taller than her. She tends to be rather unflappable, and her usual expression is a slight patronizing smirk, as if she were mildly amused by the incompetents around her. Even when caught red-handed, Katrin is never furtive, instead preferring to act confident and bluff her way through. When speaking, she tends to use hand gestures. When necessary, though, Katrin is absolutely not averse to getting her hands dirty or bloody.


Str 12 (Weight Allowance 45, Max Press 140, Open Doors 7, Bend Bars/Lift Gates 4%)
Dex 18 (Reaction Adjustment +2, Missile Attack Adjustment +2, Defense Adjustment -4)
Con 12 (System Shock 80%, Resurrection Survival 85%)
Int 14 (4 NWPs)
Wis 8
Cha 11 (4 Maximum Henchmen, +0 Loyalty Base, +0 Reaction Adjustment)

Saves - Paralyze/Poison: 12; Wand: 12; Petrify/Polymorph: 11; Breath Weapon: 15; Spell: 13

HP 36/36
AC 3
THAC0: 18


Fine Print
magic short sword +1
Atk +1
Dmg 1d6+1 SM - 1d8+1 L - Speed 3

Shell Game
blink blade short sword +1
Atk +1
Dmg 1d6+1 SM - 1d8+1 L - Speed 3
Twice a day, when used, it can teleport the user into perfect backstab position. Doesn't provide any stealth when doing so, it is, in fact, REMARKABLY unsubtle, but the user will pretty much get an instant backstab attack. In the case of a critical failure, however, the blink teleports the user somewhere unintended and unwanted.

Atk +3
Dmg 1d4+1 SM - 1d6+1 L - Speed 6

Atk +4, Dmg x3

Proficiencies and Languages

Rin speaks Common, Dwarven, Elven, Halfling, and Thieves' Cant
Rin is proficient in the use of Short Swords, Slings, and Master One-Handed Weapon Fighting Style
Rin has skill in Appraising (Int +1), Cooking (Int), Etiquette (Cha), Forgery (Dex), Fortune Telling (Cha +2), Gaming (Cha), Gem-Cutting (Dex -2), Set Snares (Dex -1), Sketching (Wis), and Tumbling (Dex)

Thief Skills

Pick Pockets 40%
Open Locks 60%
Find/Remove Traps 60%
Move Silently 80%
Hide in Shadows 80%
Detect Noise 50%
Climb Walls 55%
Read Languages 10%

Other Abilities

As a hafling, Rin gains a +3 bonus on saving throws vs. wands, staves, rods, and spells.
She also gets a +3 bonus to saving throws vs. magical attacks when making a saving throw vs. poison.
Rin gets a +1 bonus to attack rolls with slings and thrown weapons.
While not wearing metal armor and either alone or with a party comprised only of halflings or elves, or 90 feet or more away from her party, Rin has the ability to surprise her opponents. If she fulfills any of these conditions, she causes a -4 penalty to opponents' surprise rolls. If a door or other screen must be opened, this penalty is reduced to -2.
As a partly Stoutish halfling, she has infravision out to 30 feet.
She can also note if a passage is an up or down grade with 75% accuracy (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d4). She can determine direction half the time (roll a 1, 2, or 3 on 1d6). These abilities function only when the she is concentrating on the desired information to the exclusion of all else.


Fine Print (+1 short sword; Tethyrian make, the handle is wrapped in crimson thread and trimmed with bronze, with a rather slender, leaf-shaped blade.)
Shell Game (+1 blink blade short sword)
Hat of Stylish Defense (This hat was part of the suit. It provides a +1 to AC, which will not stack with other magical bonuses, but will stack with other parts of the same suit, if they are found. It also allows the wearer to cast Alter Self once per day, an effect that will last until the next dawn or sunset. It looks like a black top hat, which may or may not be someone's idea of stylish)
Potion of Rainbow Hues (labeled with a rainbow) (6 sips), 8 Oil of Fiery Burning, 20 BINGO POTIONS
Besides what Rin usually carries openly on her person, she also has a Bag of Holding (15 lbs., holds 250 lbs. and is 30 cu. ft.), in which she keeps a very large amount of mundane equipment. This includes a bedroll, 2 large baskets, 2 block and tackle, a bucket, 10 ft. of light chain, 2 small chests with good locks, 30 candles, 30 pieces each of chalk and charcoal, 5 pairs of crampons, 30 fishhooks and 100 ft. of line, 2 empty glass bottles, 2 glass bottles with spirits, 2 flint & steels, 5 grappling hooks, an hourglass, an iron pot, a 10 ft. ladder, 3 10 ft. poles, a step stool, 2 hooded lanterns with 5 flasks of oil each, a jeweler's loupe, a deck of tarot cards, a chess set, a set of dice, a set of loaded dice, a set of oracle bones, 2 magnifying glasses, a merchant's scale, 5 map cases, 3 journals, 2 vials of perfume, 130 pitons, 600 ft. of silk rope, 5 small hammers, a prybar, sealing wax, 10 large and 10 small sacks, a sewing kit with 5 needles, 5 signal whistles, 2 lbs. of soap, a large tent, a small tent, 5 whetstones, 2 wineskins, 5 winter blankets, umbrella, a rubber ball, 100 ft. of twine, a spyglass (stolen), 5 vials of writing ink, 5 pairs of snowshoes, 5 pairs of mittens, 5 ponchos, 5 ice axes, 5 snow blades, 5 pairs of cross-country skis and poles, 5 pairs of sun goggles, 5 sets of cold weather clothing and arctic coats, 5 lbs. of salt, a pair of slime producing boots in a sack inside another sack inside a locked chest, and a troll eye suspended in a jar of sea-water in a padded and locked chest.
Rin has additionally acquired a second Bag of Holding.
4494gp, 2440gp of gems

Steel Grasp Orcs

Five armed with hand axe, dagger, longbow with 30 arrows. Leather armor.
Five armed with hand axe, dagger, heavy crossbow with 30 quarrels. Leather armor.
One sergeant armed with battle axe, dagger, heavy crossbow with 30 quarrels, longbow with 30 arrows. Studded leather.
Eight armed with halberd, dagger. Splint mail. Hooded lantern.
One sergeant armed with halberd, longsword, dagger. Splint mail, basinet.
Five armed with battle axe, dagger, 5 javelins. Splint mail, small shield, basinet.
One sergeant armed with bastard sword, dagger, 5 javelins. Splint mail, medium shield, great helm.
Four armed with short sword, 2 daggers, light crossbow with 20 quarrels. Studded leather. Thieves' tools, 50 feet hemp rope, grappling hook, signal whistle.

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