Kazadok the dwarf cleric

Prophet Priest kit
An insecure desk priest. He used to ask Koryis for advice all the time, praying often. Eventually he received a vision from Koryis himself! He was told to stop asking for free wisdom and instead seek it from the stinky place where the sun don't bloody shine. Clearly He meant the sewers! Right at the time where the city is looking to bury adventurers in there! After asking for confirmation several times and being struck by lighting twice, Kazadok eventually looked into getting down there.


XP 250000
lvl 9
STR 10 40lb weight, 6 open doors, 2% bars/gates
DEX 7 -
CON 11 70% shock, 75% res
INT 13 +3 NWPs
WIS 19 +4 magical defense adj, 0% chance of failure, bonus spells: 3*1st, 2*2nd, 2*3rd, 1*4th, +10% XP
CHA 9 -

Treant Warhammer 0, 1d4+3/1d4+2
Digging Pick (Warhammer) 0, 1d4+1/1d4
Sling 0, 1d4+1/1d6+1 (10 bullets, stones are just on the ground, for sure)
Roll: 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
AC hit: 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1 -2

Armor Class 4
HP 72/72
Base Move 6
Weapon Proficiencies Warhammer, Sling, (three left)
NWP (13, +2 per 3lvl, * to mark extra levels, +3 as reward) Cooking (Int+3***), Reading/Writing (Int+1), Healing (Wis-2), Language: Read/Write Ancient Dwarf (Int), Ancient History (Int-1), Language: Dwarf (Int), Herbalism (Int-1*), Musical Instruments (Dex-1), Religion (Wis-0)
Free language: Common
Free from kit: Weather Sense (Wis-1), power of Prophecy (can meditate once a day to receive vision, or anytime, from god)

Paralysis/Poison/Death Magic 7 (+3 poison)
Rod/Wand/Staff 11 (+3)
Petrify/Polymorph 10
Breath Weapon 13
Spell 12 (+3)

Turn undead:
D* Skeleton or 1HD
D* Zombie
D Ghould or 2HD
D Shadow or 3-4HD
T Wight or 5HD
T Ghast
4 Wraith or 6HD
7 Mummy or 7HD
10 Spectre or 8HD
13 Vampire or 9HD
16 Ghost or 10HD
19 Lich or 11+ HD
20 Special**

*An additional 2d4 creatures are turned
**Special creatures include unique undead, free-willed undead of the Negative Material Plane, certain Greater and Lesser Powers, and those undead that dwell in the Outer Planes.


Cleric with high wisdom have a bonus to saving throws vs magical spells that attack the mind: beguiling, charm, fear, hypnosis, illusions, possession, suggestion, etc. +4
People are a little edgy around prophets of gods whose sphere isn't Prophecy. -2 to reaction adjustment, can never be worse than Cautious.
Dwarves gain a bonus to the saving throw vs magical wands, staves, rods and spells. +3
Dwarves gain a bonus to the saving throw vs poison. +3
Non-priestly magical items have a 20% chance to malfunction once per use no matter how long "one" use is.
In melee dwarves add +1 to their dice rolls to hit orcs, half-orcs, goblins and hobgoblins.
Ogres, trolls, ogres magi, giants or titans have -4 to attack dwarves.
Dwarves can see up to 60 ft in the dark with their infravision.
Dwarves can, within 10 feet:
-Detect grade or slope in passage 1–5 on 1d6
-Detect new tunnel/passage construction 1–5 on 1d6
-Detect sliding/shifting walls or rooms 1–4 on 1d6
-Detect stonework traps, pits, and deadfalls 1–3 on 1d6
Dwarves can determine approximate depth underground 1–3 on 1d6


Personnal, carried, 29.9 lbs out of 40
Warhammer 2 6 Medium, Bludgeoning, speed 4, 1d4+1 S/M, 1d4 L. It's a pick for digging.
Sling 0.05 0.1 Small, Bludgeoning, speed 6, rate of fire 1, sling bullet (1cp) 1d4+1 S/M damage, 1d6+1 L - sling stone (free )1d4
Mastework Splint Mail 330 20 AC 4
Basilisk cloak
Holy Symbols 25 0.1
Holy Water*2 50 0.2
Rhythmic Drums 95 ???
Sml Belt Pouch 0.7 0.5
Chalk 0.01 0.1
Writing Ink 8 0.1
Wineskin 0.8 1
Flint&Steel 0.5 0.1
Flute 10 0.5
Paper Sheet*8 16 0
Sling Bullets 0.1 1
Stock certificate of 999.999.999 shares in the Y'all's Caster Supremacy adventuring company, headquartered on Bermuda.
Baggage Carrier 10GP ? 10 days worth
Carried by ^, 27 lbs out of 40
Iron Pot 0.5 2
Rations, iron 5 ? 5/7 days worth
Rations, std 6 ? 8/14 days worth
Soap 0.5 1
Rope, Hemp, 5ft 0.1 2
Small Tent 5 10
Blanket 0.5 3
Candlex10 0.1 1
Firewood 0.1 ? 9 days worth
Herbs 0.05 1
Nuts 1 1
Salt 0.1 1
Spice, rare 2 1
Butter 0.8 4
56.9+the weight of a hireling
GP lbs
A coin purse with 93GP, one copper coin.
A flying carpet.
Loot, Kazadok:
- Two scrolls of Cure Light Wounds
- One scroll of Altruism
Loot, hireling:
- Some fancy herbs
- One bullshit crystal comm balls

-The 5th element: It's an ancient, lost form of elemental, the last of its kind and quite angry about this. It was locked away in a forgotten age by mean-spirited godlings who intended reality to be a whole lot less interesting and delicious. The Pizza Elemental within would, if released, attempt to reinstate the lost ages wherein reality was more greasy, more delicious and free delivery was a right of all sentients. It would most likely start this by killing everything in sight.
-The Treant Warhammer costs 500gp, has a +2 to damage over a normal warhammer, but no bonuses to hit. Also allows the owner to talk to living plants, though most plants won't necessarily have anything important or interesting to say.
-A cloak made out of basilisk hide(looking very cool and stripey), the basilisk hide cloak is capable of turning aside attacks from ethereal creatures, which means that it protects from any stat or level-draining abilities that incorporeal undead might bring to the table.
-A +1 sling stone, re-usable(though it has to be re-found after fights, perhaps dug out of someone's head if someone scores a good shot with it). On critical hits, for 1d4 rounds, it flips the effect of gravity by 90 degrees for the target, causing them to hurtle towards the nearest wall or, in an open area, suddenly fly away horizontally until they impact something or the effect ends.
-Decanter of Endless Water - Stuck on "Geyser" setting
-The tarp: It's a tarp of antimagic. It's unaffected by anything magical in any way, whatsoever, but doesn't make whatever it covers less magical. It does make it *look* more mundane, though, since no one would ever expect a magic object to be covered by a generic tarp.

Some Spells


  • 1/ Sanctuary
  • 1/ Detect Evil
  • 1/ Detect Evil
  • 1/ Remove Fear
  • 1/ Cure Light Wounds
  • 1/ Faerie Fire
  • 1/ Strength of Stone
  • 2/ Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 2/ Cure Moderate Wounds
  • 2/ Hold Person
  • 2/ Hold Person
  • 2/ Silence, 15' Radius
  • 2/ Sanctify
  • 3/ Prayer
  • 3/ Hold Poison
  • 3/ Dispel Magic
  • 3/ Remove Curse
  • 3/ Zone of Sweet Air
  • 4/ Cure Serious Wounds
  • 4/ Defensive Harmony
  • 4/ Free Action
  • 5/ Dispel Evil
  • Special/ Consecrate Home once per week
  • Special/ Sanctuary once per day
  • Special/ Detect Lie once per day
  • Special/ Stone Shape once per day

Kazadok also learned "Entrench" and "Dimensional Folding" both lvl 4 spells from outside his usual spheres.


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