Kerman Suchart
Name      : Kerman Suchart     
Gender    : Male
Age       : 28     
Concept   : Racketeer turned hard-bitten detective.
Appearance: Kerman likes to say he has the most beautiful baby blue eyes you 
ever did see. They are his most attractive feature, sure to catch the eye of 
any girl... and even more beautiful in contrast to the rest of his hideous and
 malformed shell. The cysts and tumors caused by his regeneration abilities 
make Kerman look like a less hunchbacked brother of Dr. Frankenstein's 
assistant; fortunately for him, most mutants are no better. While he can 
manually "trim" his deformities and regenerate cleanly, they always come back 
shortly, and the process is even more painful than normal living for him. Like 
many mutants, Kerman tries to hide his obvious deformities by wearing thick 
clothing; even in warm weather, he wears a heavy black (if it wasn't that color 
originally, it is now) sweater, loose sweatpants that contain skin growths that
 would make a doctor pale, a beaten trench coat and leather gloves. It's not 
just vanity that leads Kerman to hide his deformities; he likes his opponents 
to underestimate him, and at almost six-feet tall while slouching, that's hard 
to arrange. Fortunately, that gives him plenty of extra room in his baggy 
clothes to hide his weapons, too. He keeps his hair ratty hair grown long, and 
usually wears a thick fake beard and goggles to hide as much of himself as 
possible. To try and bluff and mislead potential enemies, he's been known to 
fake tells for mutations he doesn't have.

Motives: He's had a rough life, and done plenty of roughing himself. His 
appearance has won him no friends, but he still tries to find justice for 
others. He needs money for food and to to keep his supply of drink steady;
 booze dulls the constant pain caused by his mutation and to keeps his brain
 too poisoned for tumors to form. He wants to fight for the wronged and side
 with justice, but there's precious little of that anywhere. Still, he's not 
just a gun for hire: he only takes jobs he thinks are right.

Points :  235   
Defects:  -10  
       =  225/225

STATS: [140 pnts]
Body    Body Stat Points    
  6      60
Mind    Mind Stat Points    
  4      40
Soul    Soul Stat Points    
  4      40

Attack Combat Value :   4   (B+M+S)/3
Defense Combat Value:   4   (B+M+S)/3
Damage Multiplier   :   5   (5 + Levels of Massive Damage)
Init Bonus          :   7   (BCV + (3*Levels of Lightning Reflexes))

Damage Formula      :   (Weapon Attribute x Damage Multiplier) + ACV

HP:        50/50       [Body + Soul] x5 + Tough(0)*5
EP:        40/40       [Mind + Soul] x5 + Energy Bonus
Shock Value:  10       Max HP / 5 + (10*hardboiled)

ATTRIBUTES: [72 pnts] (includes items)
Name                                Level   Cost    Points
----                                -----   ----    ------   
Combat Technique                      6     x 2      12    
    (Concealment, Brutal x2, Critical Strike, Lethal Blow, Lightning Reflexes)
Divine Relationship                   1     x 2       2
Regeneration                          3     x10      30

 Grenades, Concussion                                 6    =  (16+2+1 -1-4-1)/2
    (Weapon 8: base cost 8*2) 
    (Area 2, Range 1, Activation -1, Ammo -4, Inaccurate -1)
 Sawed-Off Shotgun                                    5    =  (12+2+1 -2-1-1)/2
    (Weapon 6: base cost 6*2)
    (Range 2, Spreading 1, Ammo -2, Hands -1, Non-Penetrating-1)
    A pump-action rifle that fires a burst of pellets. This model has a shorter 25cm long barrel, limiting ammo.
 Medium Body Armor                                    7    =  (16 -1) /2
    (Armor 8: Rating 16, Partial -1)
    Medium-weight flak jacket; it can only be concealed under bulky clothing.

SKILLS:  [23 pnts]                                              stat
========                                                      ------
Administration (small business)       1      x1        1       mind
Area Knowledge (brown layer)          1      x1        1       mind
Driving (          )                  1      x2        2       pick: body or mind
Interrogation (physical)              1      x2        2       pick: mind or soul
Intimidation  (street)                2      x2        2       pick: body, mind, or soul
Law (criminal)                        1      x1        1       mind
Medical (surgery)                     2      x2        4       mind (sometimes body)
Police Sciences (criminology)         1      x2        2       mind
Stealth (concealment)                 1      x3        3       body (sometimes mind)
Street Sense (territorial divisions)  2      x2        4       pick: mind or soul
Urban Tracking (underworld)           1      x1        1       mind

DEFECTS: [-10 pnts]       
Name                                 Level   Points
-----                                -----   -------
Marked                                 2       -2
  (Concealable, but difficult)
Unappealing                            2       -2
  (See marked)     
Skeleton in the Closet / Wanted        2       -4
  (His old organization would like him dead, but he's eluded them so far. If they find him...)
Special Requirement                    1       -2
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