Klaxon & The Alarms' Big Book Of Rumors

Halev's Song is full of weirdos and dudes who want to bang elves but got no game. This is what they had to say in between soliciting sex and shouting to see tits.

In the caves there was allegedly an owlbear, a horned giant, and a witch who kills with a touch and turns men to stone with a glare. Spooky.

It's just a rumor though.

a soldier swears to you that he knows a dude from the cavalry detachment who's seen a secret passage in the forest, west of the Caves, under a boulder from where golbins come out during the night.

It's just a rumor though.

a one-eyed swordsman passing by on his way to Glantri says he stumbled into orcs of two different tribes around here. One tribe fights directly, preferring frontal attacks and personal combat, while the other is fond of ambushes and misdirection. the latter the color black, to identify themselves. Krok was white. Black is in power.

Myth confirmed, boss.

—a farmboy reveals to you that he got curious and wandered a bit to the north to see if he could find the mysterious hermit. In his words, he's "a dangerous old crazy psychopath" and "only trouble".

Rumor has it he's a dick.

the Cursed Mound could be a really huge burial mound, it looks artificial and out of place, but it doesn't seem cursed.


—There's an old watchtower.

It definitely exists.

"The problem is not just the caves." A soldier wearing the silver spurs of a cavalry officer and a distinguished forked beard says, sipping beer. "We're pretty sure there's a camp of bandits somewhere. Plain old human bandits. Just as dangerous as orcs or goblins, probably more."
"They've been preying on caravans further south, operating from out of Black Eagle Barony under protection of the Black Baron." He spits on the ground in sign of disgust. "Now they've moved up here north."
"We haven't located their base camp yet, but it must be near the road yet nowhere near the Caves. Probably somewhere they can hide in the woods."

There are humans in the cave.

That one's no rumor, pa.

—"Oh, I've heard that there's KOBOLDS there, too! Imagine that!"

Imagine that, kobolds. They're on the northern face of the ravine, away from the lip.

A lot of flax and irises, some wild rose bushes, poppies, and you saw daisies, camomilles and lilies-of-the-valley south of the river, closer to the Caves, carnations and poppies.

That's a fact. Take it to the bank.

Darden has it on good authority that Rarunr is a nerd.


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