Klayman Allies

Manami Kobayashi


Background: Martian
Faction: Argonaut
Morph: Splicer
Motivations: +Research +Party +AI Rights

Gender ID: Female
Actual Age: 25


<Project Ozma - Contact Briefing: Manami Kobayashi - Excerpt - Prepared by ██████████████>

Manami Kobayashi (Mesh/Perceptual Research & Uplift Insight) is a student-researcher at Valles University on Mars. Her interests lay primarily in Mesh-related technology, infomorphs, and related matters; she dabbles in Uplift research, chiefly with octomorphs and neo-avians, in order to secure research grants. Manami is skilled in matters involving the Mesh, XP and Ego, and also passable at surgery, though she has a startling lack of experience relative to her willingness to perform it. She is also, according to certain channels on the local Mesh, a "Master Level" prankster.

As a person Manami is friendly, very excited about her work and enjoys having her ego stroked, though she is easily distracted and forgets details on occasion. She spends a lot of time as an infomorph, and is known to enjoy VR games, roleplaying, wizards and pre-Fall literature.

Klayman claims to have worked with her previously on Project █████████ ██████, and assisted her when her morph was stolen as a student prank. He visits her for friendship purposes and Ozma-related business, notably on ██ ██ ████ to investigate Lowell's Ghostrider module and the █████ ██ within. However, she is both easily manipulated and terrible at keeping secrets, especially secrets she can brag about. As such Ozma has no interest in hiring her, though Klayman calling on her expertise is acceptable.

Manami was recently the subject of a rescue operation after being affected by an ██████ ██ she was tasked to investigate by Klayman. She was turned over to Ozma for examination and cleared; at the request of Operative Klayman, the only thing removed via psychosurgery was her time at our medical facility. For now, she is considered safe.

Manami's favored appearance is of an Asian woman, relatively non-descript, with neat little glasses and a black ponytail.

<Project Ozma - File Addendum: Manami Kobayashi - Additional Notes - Prepared by ██████████████>

Note 1, Operative ████████: As with all of Klayman's contacts, please stop padding the file with any of his stories about their private activities.

Note 2, Operative ████████: No, seriously. God damn it.

Charles Klogg

"What have you come here seeking my superior expertise and knowledge for?"

Background: Martian
Faction: Hypercorp
Morph: Splicer
Motivations: +Research +Personal Career +Hypercapitalism

Gender ID: Male
Actual Age: 30


<Project Ozma - Contact Briefing: Charles Klogg - Excerpt - Prepared by ██████████████>

Charles Klogg is a Professor of Biology, Genetics and Terraforming who seems to have studied with Klayman in Noctis before transferring to New Shanghai to study his Ph.D. He currently works on Aphrodite Prime as an important part of the Aerial Terraforming Initiative (A.T.I.). His current project is the engineering of a sky manta suitable for public transport, but the Morningstar Constellation gives him quite a bit of leeway in choosing his own projects.

As a former classmate of Klayman, Klogg has been known to be called on for information relating to Venusian science and terraforming projects, though in reality the two are rivals. Though Klayman claims their differences are intellectual - Klogg is a hypercapitalist who strongly believes that sacrificing some freedoms helps science flourish, while Klayman is an argonaut who believes more strongly in techno-progressivism and the benefits of open-source - but their rivalry seems to actually stem from the fact that Klayman has made love to Klogg's younger sister, who works in Aphrodite Prime's entertainment industry and hasn't complained. Klogg only actually does anything for Klayman if his ego is padded, but fortunately Klayman seems able to stomach this.

Klogg was contacted by Otto Klayman during Operation: Party Crasher in order to secure details pertaining to the auction. Though it is unlikely Klogg was aware of any subsequent events, be aware of any potential security risks.

Klogg prefers aged Splicer morphs with balding white hair to give himself an appearance of great intellect, and has a penchant for dramatic statements and great shows of intelligence. So far it seems to be working.

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