KR Serenity

Private KR Serenity

Name: KR(Kay-Ar) Serenity
Gender: Male
Age: 26 years
Rank: Private
Appearance: Short black hair and half-day stubble, often has a cigarette in his mouth and a blue cap on his head. He's relatively lanky, but the layers of armour and clothes he wears makes him look as bulky as any other Terran soldier. In civilian he tends to stick to blue clothes, his uniforms tend to be stealth-blacked and his posture tends to be hunchbacked as he practically always carries a bulging backpack full of tools.
Personality: KR has little interest in the greater conflict between the Terrans, Silvers and Martians, mostly he just strives to stay alive, which has kept him in one piece when hundreds of his collegues have gone on to glorious deaths. He usually only fights when cornered and prefers just about any other solution. Despite this, he doesn't leave civilians to die, he feels some empathy for them since they're trapped in the crossfire without being the ones causing it.
Allegiance: The Terran Federation,


Body: 5
Mind: 7
Soul: 3
(150 Points Spent)


(0 Points to Spend)
Armour: Level 3(Armour 6, Cost 6)
Combat Technique: Level 2(Judge Opponent, Weapons Encyclopedia, Cost 4)
Defense Combat Mastery: Level 2(Cost 20)
Mind Shield: Level 2(Cost 4)
Ranged Attack: Level 3(Rifles and Grenade Launchers, Cost 9)
Skill(Demolitions): Level 4(Cost 4)
Skill(Swimming): Level 2(Cost 2)
Skill(Climbing): Level 2(Cost 4)
Skill(Computers): Level 2(Cost 4)
Skill(Electronics): Level 2(Cost 4)
Skill(Mechanics): Level 2(Cost 4)
Skill(Stealth): Level 2(Cost 6)
Skill(Forgery): Level 2(Cost 2)
Skill(Medical): Level 2(Cost 4)
Wealth: Level 1(Cost 5)


(25 Points Spent)
Grenade Launcher(Item, Weapon Level 8, Area 3, Range 2, Cost 10)
Carbine(Item, Weapon Level 5, Autofire 3, Range 2, Cost 8)
Explosives(Item, ????)
Detonators(Item, ????)
Hacking Gear(Item, ????)
Tools(Item, ????)
Medical Equipment(Item, ????)
Body Armour(Item, Armour Level 7, Cost 7)

Derived Stats

Base Combat Value: 5
Defense Combat Value: 7
Ranged Attack Value(Guns and Grenade Launchers): 8

Initiative Bonus: 5

Damage Multiplier: 5
Damage(Carbine): 25
Damage(Grenade Launcher): 40

Health: 40
Armour(With body armour): 20
Armour(Without body armour): 6


Skeleton in the Closet(-4): ?????
Nemesis(-3): Silver Ace "Kraken"

Service Record

Survivor of the Battle of Antares Prime(0 Kills)
Survivor of the Battle of Vega(0 Kills, saved ten trapped civilians)
Lone Survivor of the Second Battle of New Moscow(2 Kills, Protectorate)
Participated in the Siege of Ross 128(0 Kills)
Present During the Phi Serpentis Rebellion(1 Kill, Protectorate, assisted a civilian convoy in reaching safety)
Lone Survivor of the Machholz Incident(1 Kill, Silver Ace with Designation "Kraken")

Colonel Travis' Note: Seems a natural born survivor, he's lived through more battles than most of our soldiers and looking at some of his other records I can see he's taken more optional courses to expand his skills than anyone else on our roster. He could have had more front-line time without it, but this guy obviously knows it's important to stay flexible. Plus, taking down that Kraken guy was impressive. I'll need him for our specialist squadron, he'll fit right in.

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