KKc69 is a fairly popular camwhoring sexbot, she even has her own annoying fans and stalkers. While she's popular for the sex shows, she also acquired some sort of notoriety due to her willingness to take out the competition and release stream of the murders to her highest paying patrons on Patreon. The police seems not to mind and she has a few fans among them, lauding her for taking out the trash, forgetting for a minute that she's also trash in their eyes usually.
She appears not to exist outside a few camsites, and her own website. The one time someone took an unapproved picture of her, she murdered the guy, though the horribly distorted picture still floats about and she hates that. She especially hates the little hearts that were automatically added by some dumb filter. KKc69 was sad about the whole affair and made a donation drive to get over her sadness, as she had just lost of one her biggest tipper. It's still her highest paying stream ever. She's hoping she'll catch the stalker so she can murder him live, and make people pay for it.


315 points
1 point left

150 points
Body: 5 (-50)
Mind: 5 (-50)
Soul: 5 (-50)

Derived Stats:
Attack Combat Value: 6
Defence Combat Value: 5
Damage Multiplier: 5 (+1 in unarmed melee due to superstrength)
Health Points: 60
Energy Points: 50
Shock Value: 22

99 points
Armour Rating 20, lvl 10 (-10)
Attack Combat Mastery, lvl 1 (-10)
Combat Technique (Dead Eye) (-2)
Combat Technique (Lightning Reflexes) (-2)
Combat Technique (Hardboiled) (-2)
Combat Technique (Multiple Targets) (-2)
Combat Technique (Two Weapons) (-2)
Computer Scanning, lvl 3 (-12)
Extra Actions lvl 1 (-15)
Features (Ambixdextry, Appearance lvl 2) (-3)
Jumping (lvl 1, 3 times normal distance) (-2)
Land Speed (lvl 4, 60kph) (-8)
Heightened Awareness, lvl 2 (-4)
Ranged Attack (Handguns), lvl 3 (-9)
Superstrength, lvl 1 (-8)
Special Defence (Ageing 2, Disease 2, Lack of Air 2, Lack of Food 2, Poison 2, Sleep 2) (-18)
Tough lvl 2, +10HP (-4)

-10 points
Achilles' Heel, EMP (-4)
Girl+Guy Magnet (-2)
Ism, Robot/AI (-2)
Nemesis (-2, Miss Ming, landlady, owner of the apartment KKc rents. She doesn't like KKc's dayjob. Or her hobbies. Or KKc. Or anything, it seems. She keeps complaining that KKc's apartment is too clean and makes the others look bad, and that KKc really should start doing drugs to fit in with the crowd better. Threatened several times to break KKc's legs and sell them for spare parts if she doesn't pay rent on time.)

41 points
Acrobatics (Flexibility), lvl 4 (-6)
Burglary (B&E), lvl 2 (-2)
Computers (Intrusion/Security), lvl 8 (-8)
Disguise (Make-up), lvl 4 (-4)
Electronics (Robotics), lvl 4 (-4)
Performing Arts (Erotic Arts), lvl 6 (-3)
Seduction (Physical), lvl 6 (-6)
Stealth (Silent Movement), lvl 4 (-6)
Visual Arts (Video), lvl 4 (-2)

20 points
Gauss Machine Pistol, x2:
Level 5, Penetrating 2, Piercing 1, Autofire 3, Accurate 2, Range 2 - (10 points)


None yet because Purple sucks.
19/06/19 : wherein the gang doesn't do the job they were hired to do, and then pat a lama. +10 pts (Special defences aging/lack of food/sleep)
26/06/19 : that episode where the robots sign their non-existent souls away, and later they pat a dog. +5pts
03/07/19 : they ran after RACOONS, like, lmao, racoons, wackiest episode yet, the memes will be EPIC. +10pts (Extra actions lvl 1, +4 Computer)
10/07/19 : when the gang figured out they were but puppets for a pantheon of dark gods, also that one of them was into vore. +15 pts (Land speed lvl 4, computer scanning lvl 3, jumping lvl 1)
17/07/19 : the one where they said "no" and got smacked for it

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