Kunin Ropokin

Name:Kunin Ropokin
Gender: Female
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Age: 16
Race: Half-Elf
Faction: The Revolutionary League (Anarchists)
Concept: Caustic tongued true-believer anarchist who has no idea when or how she's gone too far, but recognizes she's the problem. Has trouble making friends but desperately wants to.
Appearance: Kunin is a short half-elf with long blue-grey hair tied with handkerchief(s) and worn in twintails or flat. She prefers outfits in black and red, and wears thick-soled wooden shoes.

Mostly random:
A true believer in the Anarchist cause; it is easy for the more corrupt Anarchists to take advantage of her naivety there.
Kunin likes to think of her role in the group as bringing down Sigil from the inside, but that is almost entirely divorced from reality.
Her parents were flayed by the Lady of Pain, or killed in such a manner as it seemed that way. Kunin was a witness.
Grew up on the streets after a brief stint at the gatehouse; when she was older, an "uncle" took her under his wing and spared her what most homeless girls face. He is a high-up Anarchist and used her to plant bombs and other more hardcore Anarchist things.
Kunin gives most of her current income back to him for use in the revolution. He is corrupt and sees the Revolutionary League's purpose as a way for him to get ahead.
Kunin's best friend is Imesand, the leader of the Communal sect. She has a complicated or even hostile relationship with most of the -tans.
While she tries to skip class and cause trouble, Kunin also secretly listens in on lessons from outside and above classrooms so she does not fall behind.

Points :  339
Defects:  -12
       =  327/345

STATS: [180 pnts]
Body    Body Stat Points    
4       40
Mind    Mind Stat Points    
7       70
Soul    Soul Stat Points    
7       70

Attack Combat Value :   6   (B+M+S)/3
Defense Combat Value:   6   (B+M+S)/3
Damage Multiplier   :   5   (5 + Levels of Massive Damage)
For Damage: (Weapon Attribute x Damage Multiplier) + ACV

HP:(norm)  10/ 55    [Body + Soul] x5 + Tough(0)*5
EP:        70/ 70    [Mind + Soul] x5 + Energy Bonus
Shock Value: 11      Max HP / 5

ATTRIBUTES: [105 pnts]
Name                                Level   Cost    Points
----                                -----   ----    ------
Divine Relationship                   2     x 2       4
Alternate Identity (Fated)            1     x 2       2
    (Kani Manuat)    
Alternate Identity (Guvners)          1     x 2       2
    (Thrachi Asymus)
    ["Revolutionary Disguise Technique," she mutters! There is a swirl of PRETTY LIGHTS, and Kunin is replaced with a very different looking girl with shorter purple hair, streaked with teal in the front and done up with chopsticks; she magicks up an oversized pair of glasses, too.]
Features:                             6     x 1       6
    (Appearance x2, Eidetic Memory, Mimic Sound, Longetivity, [in]Famous)      
Heightened Awareness             1  x 2        2
Supersense (Infravision, 10m/20m) 1 x2     2
Mind Shield                      1     x2          2
Power Flux - Major(Wild Magic)        6     x10      63    = 60+3
    24 flux points 
    (Duration 3 [change instantly])
Power Flux: Minor Creation            1     x10      13    = 10+3
    4 flux points
    (Durable 1; Duration 2 [change once a round])
      [Unless otherwise said, clothing created for Kunin has:
       Force Field  lv2  cost*3  pnts=(6+1{regenerating})/2 item=3
       Offensive may be added to that without going over.
       Provides 8 points of armor before it loses levels.
 Purse of Holding                                     1    =  (3)/2
    (Features 3: 1*3 [Extra Capacity x3] ) 
    Capable of holding 4 people or 400 kg.
 Thelema Stiletto                                     8    =  (8+3+3+2)/2
    (Weapon 4: base cost 4*2, Accurate+3, Penetrating+3, Piercing+2) 

SKILLS:  [45 pnts]                                             stat
========                                                      ------
Area Knowledge(Sigil)                 4      x1        4       mind  
Disguise(Make-up)                     6      x2       12       pick: body, mind, or soul
Domestic Arts (Cooking)               1      x1        1       pick: mind or soul
Etiquette (Lower class)               1      x1        1       mind
Languages (Elven)                     1      x1        1       mind
Occult (Magic)                        2      x2        4       mind
Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket, Locks)  3      x2        6+1     body 
Stealth (Silent Movement)             3      x3        9       body, sometimes mind
Street Sense (Sigil)                  3      x2        6       pick: mind or soul

DEFECTS: [-12 pnts]       
Name                                 Level   Points
-----                                -----   -------
Wanted                                 2       -4
  (Known anarchist; she particularly harasses and is harassed by the Harmonium.)
Skeleton in the Closet                 1       -2
  (Is sabotaging the Fated's gambling machines at their casino)
Recurring Nightmares                   1       -1
  (Kunin remembers her parents being flayed when she was a young child.
  Related to the above, Kunin is very afraid of Big-Sis Pain-chan. She tries to hide it, but always ends up being very polite and on her best behavior. This is rational behavior, however.)
Less Capable (Empathy)                 2       -2
  (Kunin has a lot of trouble realizing when she's taken something too far or is causing genuine pain.)
Nemesis                                1       -1
Nemesis                                2       -2
  (Kunin was actually the second choice for Revolu-tan, after the first pick was disqualified because the Anarchists elected a guy -- the Lady of Pain either said no or flayed those involved. Now said guy is around claiming Kunin is a fake and trying to kill her, but she just calls him a stalker.)

Statted out in other nodes —
Division of Labor (splits into multiple weaker chibi-Kunins), Change (ray-type attack that is very unpredictable), Sabot (throws one of her wooden shoes — oh, and magic), Start the Fire (it's a fireball), Liveblood of the Proles (regen), Stab and Change (linked with stiletto)

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