Name: Senator Master Sir Lord Alpha Beast the Third
Race: Wizard
Class: Wizard lvl5
Profession: Wizard
Alignment: Wizard
Height: Mighty
Weight: Puissant
Hair: Yes
Eyes: Also Yes


HP: 25/25
AC: 10

Roll: 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
AC hit: 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 -1

XP 30.000/40.000

STR: 10 (weight 40, bench 115, open 6, lift 2%)
DEX: 9
CON: 11 (shock 75%, res 80%)
INT: 18 (7 langs/NWPs, 85% learn, 18 spell/lvl, bonus spells 112234)
WIS: 9
CHA: 15 (7 hench, +3 loyalty, +3 react)


14 vs. para, pois & death
11 vs. rod/staff/wand
13 vs. petrif/polymorph
15 vs. breath
12 vs. spells


Spells: 111111222233
Memorized 1: Armor, Detect Magic, Detect Magic, Magic Missile, Magic Missile, Frost Fingers
Memorized 2: Summon Lunch, Levitate, Blur, Glitterdust
Memorized 3: Lance of Disruption, Invisibility 10' Radius

Spells lvl1:
Armor (AC 6, for 8 + 1*lvl damage)
Cantrip (does stuff, 1h*lvl)
Detect Magic (10x60ft, 2rds*lvl)
Feather Fall (10ft cube)
Find Familiar
Frost Fingers (Burning Hands) (5ft 120° 1d3, +2*lvl, save half)
Identify (100gp, lvl items)
Light (1turn*lvl)
Magic Missile (1d4+1)
Phantasmal Force
Read Magic (2rds*lvl)
Sleep (2d4 HD, 5rds*lvl)
Unseen Servant (1h + 1turn*lvl)

Spells lvl2:
Blur (-4 to-hit on first attack, -2 others, +1 saves. 3rds +1*lvl)
Glitterdust (20ft cube, save or blind 1d4+1rds, glitter fades in 1d4rds +1*lvl )
Continual Light
Summon Lunch (2d6 damage, cube of crab meat)

Spells lvl3:
Invisibility 10' Radius
Lance of Disruption (lvl3) (5ft wide 60ft long, 5d4, +2*lvl. Save for half. Strong knockback on inanimate objects.)

Weapon Proficencies: Quarterstaff, Dagger, Whip (+1 every 3 levels)
Nonweapon Proficiencies: Heraldry, Ancient History, Reading/Writing, Spellcraft, Ancient Language (Reading/Writing), Ancient Language (Speaking), Astrology, Gem-Cutting, Religion. (+1 every 2 levels)


Belt, Soft Boots, Hat, Cloak, Gloves, Robe, Excessive Amounts of Wizardry Bling
Backpack (2 lbs)
Large Belt Pouch (1 lbs)
Papyrus x10
Rope, Silk (8 lbs)
Wineskin (1 lbs)
Writing ink
Quarterstaff w/ C. Light (4 lbs) (1d6 damage, 1d10+4 init)
Frost Giant's Bone +1 (4 lbs) (1d6+1 damage, 1d10+3 init, ice damage, +1d or +5 damage to ice spells)
Rations x5 (1 lbs)
Bullseye Lantern (60ft) (3 lbs)
Oil Flask (6h) x5 (5 lbs)
Flint and Steel
Greek Fire x3 (6 lbs) (2d6 damage then 1d6 damage, 1d10+4 init)
Whip (2 lbs) (1d2/1 damage, 1d10+8 init)
Forest in a Jar (8 lbs)
Drow Crystal Ball (1 lbs)

853 gp
6 sp


Ice Crystal Shard from Ice Crystal Cave. Radiates Law.

Black Foreboding Drow Scroll (In Case Of Coup)

Drow Crystal Ball

Magical treasures:
Forest in a Jar
Blacke Wande of Doom (a.k.a. Suicide Stick)
CURSED ring of Contrariness with Invisibility (permanent)
Ring of Acid Resist (half damage)
Tomb Rope (can entangle incorporeal undead)
Diadem of Reading (Read Magic, +10% to scribing scrolls)

scroll of "Second Chance" (lvl5)
scroll of "Teach Trick" (lvl2)
scroll of "Animate Skeleton" (lvl5)
scroll of "Gentle Hands" (lvl1)
scroll of Ice Storm (lvl4)
scroll of Otiluke's Freezing Sphere (lvl6)
scroll of Levitate (lvl2) x2
scroll of Moon Rune (lvl2) x2
scroll of Mouse (lvl2) x2
scroll of Nystul's Blackmote (lvl2) x2 (save vs. death +2, fail = 1 damage, 1d4r paralysis. success = next round throw the mote, 2d6 +1*lvl)
scroll of Air to Wood (lvl 2) useless, kill yourself purp
scroll of Extinguish (lvl 1) (kill natural flames, magic flames get a save, fire creatures 1d4*lvl, magma to stone.)
scroll of Nystul's Blacklight Burst (lvl 4) 1d4*lvl save vs. death for half. Fail: slowed 1d4, 10% self-hit

Wand of Wind Wall, 10 charges (10 yds/lvl, 1 rnd/lvl, wall 10x5ft/lvl) (caster level 5)
Wand of Web, 2 charges (5 yds/lvl, 2 turn/lvl, eight 10x10x10ft cubes. save -2) (caster level 3)
Wand of Speak with Dead, chance of awakening corpse as undead

Temple of Ka:

Animate Skeleton(Level 5)

Range: 50 feet
AoE: 1 Living Creature with a skeleton
Save: vs Death
Duration: Permanent
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 6

The targeted creature's skeleton is animated, if the save is failed, the creature suffers 10d10 damage as the skeleton tears itself free, leaving the(possibly still living) flesh behind. The skeleton is animated, but uncontrolled, and may be of any alignment, not necessarily the same as its former flesh's, and possibly hostile. It has the same class levels(if any), intelligence and abilities as its former fleshy host. A full Heal spell, a Regeneration spell or a Limited Wish are necessary to restore the de-skeletonized creature to full functionality.
Summon Lunch(Level 2)

Range: 50 feet
AoE: Special
Save: None
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 5

Ostensibly creates a delicious lunch perfectly tuned to its caster's taste buds, but invariably summons a dense cube of imitation crab meat which is technically edible and sustaining but not if it's all you have to eat for multiple days in a row. If summoned above an enemy, it drops on them dealing 2d6 damage.
Second Chance(Level 5)

Range: 20 feet
AoE: One Creature
Save: Vs Polymorph
Duration: Permanent OR 5 rounds
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 2 rounds

The creature targeted by this spell is fully healed and restored of all damage, mental, stat or HP. Lost limbs and senses are also restored. The creature's age is reset to one year old, but all skills and levels are retained(if any). Stats are penalized as appropriate for being turned into a baby. Unwilling targets get a second saving throw after five rounds to resume their normal form.

Attempting to attack a creature who has been turned into a baby this way requires a Saving Throw vs Petrification. If failed, the entire party immediately begins squabbling about the ethics of the situation long enough for the baby to escape.

Teach Trick(Level 2)

Range: 20 feet
AoE: One creature or pack of creatures of Low intelligence or less
Save: None
Duration: Permanent
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 2 rounds

The creatures targeted by this spell are instantly taught a simple trick or ability(like how to operate a can opener, open a door or fetch things), similar to what could be taught to a reasonably clever dog. This does not convey any sort of control or mastery over these creatures, however. The material components are one or more things that the creatures find delicious, to be used as a treat for rewarding them at the end of the spell's casting time.
Gentle Hands(Level 1)

Range: 10 feet
AoE: One Creature or Object
Save: None
Duration: 1 turn
Components: S
Casting Time: 1

Summons a pair of spectral hands that can perform the following actions: Pick up small objects, use wands, throw small objects(not hard enough to hurt anyone), make gestures or give great massages. The hands are destroyed by any damage and have an AC of 10. Using this spell to give massages to non-consenting creatures is considered a crime in most jurisdictions.
Air to Wood (Level 2, Alteration)
Casting time: 2
Components: V, S, M
Area of Effect: 5ft per level (diameter)
Range: Centered on caster
Duration: Permanent
Saving Throw: None

Instantly and permanently transmutes all air(or other gasses) into wood in the affected area. Air inside creatures is excepted. The type of wood is random, but it will always be healthy and solid.
Extinguish (Level 1, Abjuration)
Casting Time: 1
Components: V
Range: 50 feet
Duration: Instant
Saving Throw: 1/2
Area of Effect: 5ft per level(diameter)

Extinguishes natural fires within the area of effect. Magical fires and fiery magical items get a save to resist, fire-based creatures suffer 1d4 damage per level of the caster. Magma is chilled to solid stone.
Nystul's Blacklight Burst (Evocation)
Level : 4
Range : 10 yds ./level
Components : V, S, M
Casting Time : 4
Duration : Instantaneous
Area of Effect : 20-ft. radius sphere
Saving Throw : Special

This risky spell brings forth a blast of energy from the Negative Material Plane for an instant .
Those within the area of effect suffer 1d4 points of damage per level of the caster, half damage if a save vs. death magic is successful. The maximum potential damage is 10d4 .

Those who fail their saves are also slowed (as the spell) for 1d4 rounds. Undead are not affected by the spell. Creatures from the Positive Material Plane or upper Outer Planes take an additional point of damage per level of the caster, and their saving throws are made at a -2 penalty. Such creatures failing their saves are stunned for 1d4 rounds, rather than slowed.

The wizard is 10% likely to lose control of the spell and be affected by its attack, as a ray from the area of effect bounces back to strike the caster.

The material component is a bit of earth taken from the grave of a ghoul or ghast

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