Lagina 38616

Lagina 38616
Height: 1.63cm
Weight: 56kg
Age: 15
Hair: Brown, curly hair that she constantly tries to straighten out, but always ends up just being a mess!
Eye Color: Blue
Wears: The latest sensate fashion!
Race: Tiefling
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Faction: Sensates
HP: 75/75
EP: 55/55

Lagina was left on the stairs on a Sensorium as a child, and was found by a Modron Sensate, 38616. 38616 had only recently joined the Sensates, and didn't fully understand the Sensate philosophy, but she drilled what she did understand of it into Lagina's head, every day. Having grown up listening constantly to Sensate propaganda, Lagina was and obvious choice to be Sensate-tan!

Lagina is an optimistic person! She tries to be outgoing, but isn't very valorous, and prefers to avoid conflict, unless someone or something she cares about is being threatened. She's bright, but not smart. She doesn't really believe in second chances, which is why she feels kind of wary of Oresta's curreny evil's tan menagerie, but she was suprised by Abby!

She currently works at the Cafe for Slaking Intellectual Lusts! She's not too good at engaging in DEEP DISCUSSIONS, but she's rather good at playing chess, or poker, and can play musical instruments pretty well!

Body: 4
Mind: 5
Soul: 6


Flight 3 (100km/h)

Healing 3 (30 points of Healing per day)

Heightened Senses 3 (Sight, Taste, Touch)

Resistance 3 (Food and Drink)

Resistance 3 (Poisons)

Tough 5

Power Flux: Creation 2 ( Magical Melee Weapons, Unpredictable –3)

Wealth 2

Supersense 3 (Dark vision to 1km)

Dimensional Portal 1 (Pocket Dimension)

Pocket Dimension 3 (100m)

Sensory Block 4 (Touch, Sight, Taste, Hearing)


Area Knowledge 2 (Sigil, Arborea)

Visual Arts 1 (Sketching)

Domestic Arts 4 (Cooking)

Performing Arts 2 (Saxaphone)

Gaming 2 (Board Games, Card Games)


Racism: Teifling (-2)

Inept Defence (–10) Reduce DCV by 1

Attack Combat Value: 5

Defense Combat Value: 4

Damage Multiplier: 5

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