LeMort- Messages

+++From the inbox of Grandmaster Albert Cavatorus at the beginning of the Mercian Infestation+++

+++First message from chief security officer Terris Ambrosia+++
Grandmaster Cavatorus,
I hereby decline your offer of honourable discharge from office. My leadership is above reproach. These events a week ago blindsided all of us, and I do not capitulate to any angry whim you may have that the unexpected could be anyone's failing… least of all mine.
I will serve out my duty in accordance with the Emperor until my death and/or forcible discharge.
I would also like to request, again, inducting Mercian Guard members into my security team. After the recent events, I am severely understaffed.
The total deaths throughout the complex are over a hundred each of civilians and military, and rising: my own team has been reduced by half, and we need foot patrols more now then ever.
- Ambrosia

+++Second message from the office of Lord General Militant Galloway Kyriakides+++
Grandmaster Cavatorus,
I regretfully wish to inform you there will be some delays. Hold on and be strong.
The regiments from the Cadian Eighteenth, while in the area, is currently severely underarmed for fighting in the conditions of Mercia. I will not send men to die with only bayonets and lasguns that can be thrown further than they can fire.
The Felgor Third and Fifth were en route until recently: the Third was recently engaged by an alien hostile force. They continue to combat them, but, as you must understand, they are somewhat distracted.
Two regiments from the Fifth are likely to reach Mercia in under a week.
The Savlar Ninety-Fifth is sending one regiment, though it, too, will arrive late.
My apologies on all these matters. I pray the Emperor protects you, and your planet, and all of us.
In His Most Holy of Names.
-Secretariat Serenia Kyriakides

+++Third message from the office of Field Marshal Warthur Styldrac+++
What the blazes is going on!? I am losing men by the day!
I realize we are equally ranked and I understand the power-sharing agreement over the Mercian guard within the complex.
However, if you continue to use my men as cannonfodder and meatshields and continue to expose them to risks of an alien death or, as we all know is a risk with these horrors most insidious, infection, I will recommend to the AdMech and Inquisitor Rouchefoucald that you not only be removed from your post but taken out back and hosed down with melta.
In anger- though with a shred of respect remaining: do not trample it-
- Field Marshal Warthur Styldrac
- - Transcripted by Pvt. S. Pegg

+++Fourth message from Brother Keleb Shamar+++
O Grandmaster and Mosty Revered Magos Cavatorus,
Verily have I sent missive to my bretheren in chapter Steel Hounds; so do they know of our plight and the dangers herein.
Happiest of news: we are unlikely to face these bleak tides of circumstance alone.
The veterans of squad Gulgoloth shall soon be setting foot onto this Mercia. Look forward and hearty, O Grandmaster, for the scourge of the Kraken upon Mercia will soon be as wan as smoke in water.
…Techpriest Shamar

+++Fifth message from Tacitula Fraccedus+++
Am recently released from custody.
ME Maldebarrow is still in questioning. Claims she didn't know of infestation in SubC. Bor. Aby.
Suspected of ignorance or of highest treason. I doubt the latter.
Please arrange protection for her if former found. She does not need to die too.
If I am able to walk, will be there for Tempest's funeral.

+++Sixth Message from Chief Apothecary Damian Bright+++
We regret to inform you that Princeps Lucien DeVaroux has finally succumbed. Every day, his coma became deeper: today, he stopped breathing. Princeps Basil Artorius was there to see him go.
The weight of both Princeps Tempest and Princeps Lucien DeVaroux's deaths weigh heavily on his mind. I fear for his mental health. He has stopped eating and does not sleep. The psychological damage to him has been far more severe than any physical damage.

+++Seventh Message from Rune-Priest Urbester Taser Binomial Urbester+++
Look at these results!
10100100 291951
01010110 691843
11111000 010485
10010000 441631
01111000 429613
00000000 736057
Look south, see the moving of clouds: trust not cornflowers nor owls. The sky has teeth: the soil is fertile.

I hope DuPree and DeVaroux recover.

+++Eighth Message from Sergeant Ryon Scargill, Mercian Rough Riders third regiment+++
To whomever should be the correct recipient of this message.
Salivand passed away in the night. Greene has been found infected and euthanized.
I'd like to request the use of your Magos Psychologis in helping Saunders and Write recover from the ordeal. No-one expected the sudden tide. The powerlessness: the knowledge one's cowardice did not cause more deaths, but instead saved oneself from an inevitable and agonising conclusion, the fear of infection… it's enough to throw any man.
I apologise once again I could not help. While I was found innocent of any wrongdoing in the Emperor's eyes, I still feel a coward, and throw myself upon your mercy.
Sergeant Ryon Scargill, Mercian Rough Riders third regiment.

Thought for the day: The Imperium's strength is the Emperor. The Emperor's strength is his Humanity.

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