Leon [Godbound]

Leon von Hayek

Leon is a tall, thin, blonde haired, light-eyed man who seems to have a strong force of charisma and incredible luck. He dresses in animal-styled fine clothes, including simple fur coats and calf-high, black boots. He is the descendant of a family of prominent Whiteshore fishermen who have been stifled for generations by the Bright Republic's government of applying their trade in a more efficient way (i.e. fish depopulation), and also the Republic's history of keeping the von Hayeks out of government influence. Their once-vast wealth has withered, and Leon was left with little inheritance to live on when he started his adulthood.

Then, Leon traveled the world and gained first favor and influence, and then teaching and power, from the Seers of the Bright Eye in the common areas of other lands. He now knows all of their powers, and can call on them in times of trouble, though there is no guarantee they can easily re-enter the Bright Republic as he can.

The combination of Leon's upbringing, focusing on commerce and seafaring, and the individualism he gained from travel and the Bright Republic's culture means he preaches and follows a free-market individualist economic thought that is very much in conflict with current policy of the bureaucratic government.

Leon doesn't care so much about being worshiped as a god as his free-market ideas being worshiped as divine truth. To that end, he has set about to topple the current Republic's government, which he considers to be parasitic scoundrels who rely on control and deception, rather than on hard work and enterprise like himself, obviously.

Returning home to the Bright Republic, Leon has noticed recently that he has gained an ability to always have the right amount of money at the right time, that travel comes unnaturally easy to him, and that there's a certain amount of luck that seems to follow him…

STR 13 +1
DEX 13 +1
CON 9 +0
WIS 10 +0
INT 14 +1
CHA 16 +2

HP 8
AC 2 [Luck Gift] / 6 if somehow dispelled [Light Armor]
Effort 2
Influence 2
Wealth 1 (not to decrease below 1)
Attack Bonus/Fray Die +1/1d8

Armor/Weapon Light/Light [Fur Armor/Staff]
Staff is +2, and 1d6+1 damage.
Luck magical weapon is +2 and does 1d10+1 damage.

Saving Throws
Hardiness 14
Evasion 14
Spirit 13


Origin: Son of the Whiteshore von Hayek family, but ignored elsewhere in the Bright Republic. +4 on any Ability checks to do with Whiteshore.
Profession: Commanded merchant and fisherman ships in his family business. +4 on any Abiilty checks to do with sailing, navigating, or fishing.
Relationship: Prominent member of the Seers of the Bright Eye. Bright Eye Archmage.

The apprentice can determine likely immediate good or bad outcomes from a choice, detect curses or magic, pinpoint the time and location of the caster, and identify a person’s predominant character traits if they have been seen or their birth date is known.
The adept can gain brief visions of familiar people and their surroundings, identify magic items and standing spells, get visions of important events likely to happen to them in the next week, overhear the sounds of a remote place they’ve visited before, and locate lost objects familiar to them. Such scrying never lasts more than a half-hour per spell cast.
The master can locate people they’ve seen or had carefully described to them, ask questions about probable futures and receive yes or no answers, gain visions of where to go to find something, and scry distant locations known to them. Repeated queries about a single future topic tend to distort the readings, however.
Arch-mages can penetrate weak wards against divination, such as those laid down by occultists of less than master expertise in their low magic tradition. They can also locate people or objects on a casual description, provide a detailed oracular description of a likely near-future event, or create a movable scrying point in a distant location. Their scrying spells last for an hour each at most.


Heroes with the Word of Journeying always know exactly where they are, never lose their way to a known destination, and may treat travel as if it were as restful and nourishing to them as sound sleep and a good meal.
Heroes gifted in the Luck Word may roll 1d20 once a day. At any time during that day, they may replace their own or someone else’s 1d20 roll with the one in reserve. They can only replace a roll once per day.
Heroes with the Wealth Word are never short of money, and can always afford anything that costs 1 Wealth or less. They always have suffcient food, drink, and clothing for themselves and their companions, drawing it from nothingness if necessary.

Divine Gifts

Dust At Your Heels (Minor) [Journeying] On Turn
Commit Effort. You and those with you cannot be caught by pursuers as long as you keep traveling. Your group will always be moving faster than them regardless of their speed until you halt your movement.

Opening the Way (Minor) [Journeying] Action
Commit Effort for the scene to create a hole in security, whether it’s a guard suddenly wandering away from his post or a rift appearing in a magical barrier. The hole will allow you and your allies a clear path into or past a place and will last as long as is practical, no less than five minutes. This security hole is not usually large enough to allow unhindered movement within the location, only entry into it.

Master of the Key (Minor) [Journeying] Instant
You can instantly defeat any mundane trap, lock, tie, binding or seal. Commit Effort for the scene to overcome magical barriers, traps, and bindings within sight, including ones of a mental nature. You may do this even if the binding effect would otherwise render you helpless.

Unmarred Beneficence (Minor) [Luck] Constant
The hero has a natural AC of 3, luckily avoiding perils. If a misfortune lands randomly on a member of their group, they’re never the victim of it. This base AC isn't improved by armor or shields.

The World Against You (Minor) [Luck] On Turn
Commit Effort. The hero becomes able to use luck as a weapon with a range of 100 feet, inflicting sudden and wildly-improbable calamities on a foe with normal attack rolls. When used to attack, damage is 1d10 and treated as a magic weapon. Te source of this incredible bad luck is not perceptible to mortal onlookers or non-supernatural beings.

Salting Away the Luck (Minor) [Luck] Instant
Commit Effort after the hero rolls a die while doing something consequential. The die is rerolled, but the initial result is saved. When the Effort is reclaimed the result can be given to anyone else in the hero’s presence, provided a die with the same number of sides is being rolled. Unwilling worthy foes can make a Spirit save to resist the donation. This gift can preserve only one roll at a time.

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