Leon Hayek [Birthright]

Leon is a tall, thin, blonde haired, light-eyed wizard. He dresses in subtle royal clothes, including simple fur coats and calf-high, black boots.

Leon is a member of a bloodline that descends from Brecht nobility, though he's an ethnic and national Rjurik. His family fled Brecht lands after threats to their existence many decades ago and settled in Hjolvar, where Leon was raised. The family history is a dark one, and not one that Leon was ever educated extensively about.

The combination of Leon's Brecht-style upbringing, focusing on commerce and seafaring, and the individualism he gained from being raised in Rjurik lands means he's applied both and follows a free-market individualist economic thought that is very much in conflict with Brecht mercantilism. It is not known how much liberal free-market economic theories pervade the Birthright world, but as far as Leon knows, he came up with the theories independently.

He was afflicted with wanderlust in his early adult life, and with his knowledge of seafaring from his upbringing, moved South to claim lands in Massenmarch when he heard rebels were in need of a leader.

Leon Hayek

Human Transmuter [Wizard]
Lawful Neutral ["Lawful" about the Free Market (tm)]
He is 6 feet tall, 19 years old, and 160 pounds.

Rjurik Nationality

Hit Points: 30 [5d4+10] Current: 30
THAC0: 19
Armor Class 2
Base Movement: 12
Experience: 38500
Level: 5

Strength 13
Dexterity 17
Constitution 13
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 13
Charisma 13

Languages Rjuven [Native], Low Brecht, Basarji [Khinasi], Anuirean, Sidhelien [Elven], Goblin

45 Weight Allowance - 140 Maximum Press - 7 Open Doors - 4% Bend Bars/Lift Gates
Reaction Adjustment +2 - Missile Weapon Adjustment +2 - Defensive Adjustment -3
85% System Shock - 90% Resurrection Survival
5 Maximum Henchmen, 0 Loyalty Base, +1 Reaction Adjustment
+3 Constitution Saving Throw Bonus
+1 Saving Throw against Alteration spells.

Immunity to Magic Missile.

Paralyzation/Poison/Death save 14
Rod, Staff, Wand save 11
Petrification/Polymorph save 13
Breath Weapon Save 15
Spell Save 12

Blood Abilities [24+3]

Heightened Ability: +1d6 [5] to Dexterity.
Animal Affinity [Cats]: Empathetic Communication, 60 Feet, if both the animal and Leon can see one another. Cats will never attack Leon unless magically controlled.
Protection from Evil: You have a permanent 10-foot aura of Protection from Evil, all evil creatures within it suffer a -1 on basically everything. Enemies cannot Charm, Magic Jar, or Dominate.


1800 - GP.

Noble Outfit [Belt, Boots, Vest, Silk Jacket, Surcoat, Tabard, Pants, etc.]
Riding Horse ("Mises") w/ Large Saddlebags, Riding Saddle
3 Torches, Map Case, Merchant's Scale, Bedroll.
Messenger Bag (Backpack)
Binded Parchment, Quill, Ink

Brenna's Sielshegh gem set in the Quarterstaff (+3)
Bracers of AC 6.
Quarterstaff - Large, Blunt, Speed Factor 4, 1d6 damage.
Golden Brooch (+1 AC, Immune to Magic Missile)

Tome of Shadows
A book about enchantment
The Mystery of Tighmaevril
A book about the goblin language
Diary of the Sayer of the Coullabhie
Ancient Anduirean spellbook [Loaned to River of Never-Ending Words]
An amulet with Avani's symbol [Given to Morrigan]
A many faceted rose cut out of a ruby [Given to Feridun Jagudar]


1 Weapon Proficiency, +1 every 6 levels.
Nonweapon-Proficiency Penalty: -5
4 [7] Nonweapon Proficiencies, +1 every 3 levels.
Spending 3 Language slots on +3 NWP, as per house rules.

Proficient with the Quarterstaff.

(2) Engineering (15)
Administration (16)
Riding (16)
Navigation (16)
Spellcraft (16)
Swimming (13)


18 MAXIMUM Known Spells Per Level.
Maximum Spell Level 9th
4/2/1 base spell casting per day.
2/2/1/1 bonus spell casting per day [From Intelligence], 0% Spell Failure Chance
A specialist gains one additional spell known and castable per day, per spell level, provided the additional spell is taken in the specialist's school. [Currently: 1/1/1, have to be in Alteration]
Specialist Transmuter, cannot learn Abjuration or Necromancy spells.


Enemies suffer a -1 penalty to saves from Leon's Alteration spells.

(18) Level 1: Cantrip, Change Self, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Enlarge, Feather Fall, Friends, Gaze Reflection, Hold Portal, Identify, Light, Magic Missile, Mending, Message, Shield, Shocking Grasp, Sleep, Spider Climb.

(14) Level 2: Fog Cloud, Forget, Invisibility, Irritation, Knock, Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Scare, Shatter, Strength, Summon Swarm, Tasha's Uncontrollable Hideous Laughter, Web, Wizard Lock.

(6) Level 3: Leon's Lethal Luminosity, Blink, Dispel Magic, Invisibility(10-foot Radius), Hold Undead, Lightning Bolt

(2) REALM SPELLS: Subversion, Daybreak


[14:16:17] <~PurpleGM> The book appears to be part diary, part travelogue of the Shadow World, part spell book. It appears that the owner, once a blooded Brecht mage, had a fascination with the Shadow World and regularly explored it, trying to figure out how it worked, what it was like and what its purpose was. As part of his explorations, he also devised several spells for use in the normal world.

[15:53:43] <~PurpleGM> Leon finds three things of interest: A book about enchanting items that could be very useful if he ever decides to do that, The Mystery of Tighmaevril(a historical exploration of the creation of the strange material, as well as theories about how it was made) and a book about the goblin language. Anyone studying it could probably learn to speak passable Goblin.

[15:43:07] <~PurpleGM> Leon, meanwhile, gets a picture of the Sayer of the Coullabhie from reading her diary. It seems like she was extremely worried about humanity's encroachment on elven lands, wistful for elfdom's grand past, and oddly fascinated by halflings. It also seems like she'd had a meeting with Rhuobhe, the Manslayer, some months back, though she had rejected his ideas of declaring war on the humans.
[15:44:30] <~PurpleGM> Near the end of the diary she seems to have started visiting the Shadow World regularly, and to have formulated a plan: To bring her people to the Shadow World where humans can't follow them or mess their lives up, whether her queen and her people wanted it or not.

[14:26:00] <~PurpleXVI> The book is, unfortunately, written in ancient Andu, so no member of the party can puzzle out much of it. Feridun and Leon do see large parts of it which bear a resemblance to a spellbook, however…

<~PurpleXVI> The amulet is apparently intended to be harmful to the undead. Any random faithful of Avani who wears it can turn the Undead as a fifth-level priest, any non-evil Cleric who wears it, turns undead as if they were two levels higher. It may have more advantages for clerics of Avani, but none of you are Clerics of Avani.
<~PurpleXVI> The rose has no actual qualities itself, but if it's near any other gems or precious stones, it provides a subtle illusion that makes them appear much more flawless and valuable than they actually are, artificially inflating their worth. It could have some uses in scams. And of course it's a valuable work of art in itself.
<~PurpleXVI> Finally, the Brooch, it provides a +1 to AC and makes the wearer completely immune to the Magic Missile spell.

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