Letters from Home

Letters from home

First letter

"Dear Mirabelle,

I wish you had informed us of the lizardman you were sending us, as Hrold almost had the brutish Kelosians(no offense to Starkad's heritage), who were lounging about the castle in their usual raggedy manner, kill him before he identified himself as one of your employees.

We'll set to work getting the guard roster back to full right away, and speaking of such… almost as though he knew what had been going on, that odd Yanick fellow, of the Black Eyes? He visited us and, seeing the bodies laid out, those that had still not been buried, he offered to replace some of the lost with his own men at no charge.

I'm not sure I trust him, so I'm leaving the option to you and your siblings.


PS: Mirabelle, convince Starkad and the others that Yanick isn't to be trusted. And tell them that I'm to be in charge while you're away, not Hrold."

"der dad,

Victor sais this is a grate oportunty to lern how to rite beter.

are you okay??? the old lizrd sais ure going on a long trip! be safe!

Skull is still sleepin al the time, but ive ben praktising droping akses and stuf on haibales!

Tulip sais not to wory becus even if yu dont make it, then some cool guy in a cloak will save Skull, as soon as she finds him. i am not sur wat she is talking abot.

love, katarina!"

"Listen vp, yov scrawny kids, and Andraste,

I don't trust this lizard yov've set vs vp with, bvt he gets to keep his scales for now, becavse yov're vovching for him. He's also too slippery to hit with my cane, so I can't even make sure he does what I tell him to.

Some of the peasants apparently saw the lot of yov heading out, and now they're worried that no one is going to save them from trolls and ogres and bad men and dragons and horrible things with teeth. So I said to them, 'why don't yov get some lads and give them swords and axes and get them to sort it ovt? That's what we did back in my day'. So now they want to make a militia, or have some sheriffs, I mostly didn't listen and they're probably all going to be eaten.

Lots of them are lining vp to bring some law and order to their own lands, Victor says we shovld only take the best of the best, but yov know what a poof he is. I say we should jvst hand a dagger to every likely-looking lad and let the ones who don't know what they're doing find ovt what a tovgh job it is the hard way.

Try not to die while yov're ovt there,

PS: Victor thinks he's in charge while you fovr are away, Starkad, tell him otherwise."

"This place is a madhouse and I'm starting to regret taking your money already.

To reply, simply write on the back of this letter and then throw it into the air when there's a wind. It will find its way back here soon enough.

Dragomir Grozdan, former grand master of the Black Ring"

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